S&box API Website

Just released another update to the site. Here are some screenshots:

New home page

New sorting option (top-right)

The changelog is as follows:

  • Added home page & moved menu endpoint to /menu
  • Alphabetical & recent sorting
  • Added an open s&box button to the asset info & home pages. Hopefully, this will become an open IN s&box button when game modes/maps can be opened on startup using the Steam browser protocol.
  • Updated icons to match the official one
  • Renamed game modes to modes in the navbar
  • Better implementation of reusable components
  • Fixed capitalization of s&box

That’s a good job! Quick idea: maybe you could make the description expand a bit more when the mouse moves over an object.


Great idea - just updated the site now with the changes :slight_smile:


Oh this is a neat site. Nice work!

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I mentioned your API site in a blogpost here. I thought it was super cool! If you want me to remove it, just let me know.

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No that’s cool - thanks for the shoutout! :slight_smile:

@Sharko inspired me to also open source my website as well :slight_smile:

The GitHub repo can be found here!

Yeah I want my shoutout also :laughing: just kidding

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