S&box content for Hammer, introduction

Hi people, since this is my first post on facepunch forums i will introduce myself
iam Jens 17 years old currently iam learning game map development and would like to do that as an living well see

so i i got an little problem i made some maps on source 1 and source 2 but i cannot test them as of i do not own a vr head set. so i where looking on google to find a way to obtain
the key of S&box so i could make maps.i figured out u need to be a devoloper or an artist
to have a chance obtaining a key if iam right is that true?
eitherway is there a way to download the content atleast so i can make future maps when it released?

btw i made a job application before to help mapping but it didnt got sended by an error are there still any spots open?

any help would be appriciated


hey Jens, you don’t need a VR Headset to test them out. Download Steam VR, it doesn’t require you to have one.
And the job application is made just to flag out beggars.


oke so i can just walk around like normal?


you dont need vr to make a map


Heres a key, enjoy bud! :key:

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