S&box crashing at the start

After finally fixing the console 3-4 hours later the game started crashing giving to me a crash file that is sbox_accessviolation (after that i tried the sbox dev version worked some games after some hours stopped working like sandbox LN, sandbox plus plus ect. the sandbox normal mode works fine) i even reinstalled the game but i got the same problem so what i can do to fix this?

I don’t have s&box but judging by the access violation error code, to me it sounds like you’re using an illegitimate copy of s&box.

nope i got the real game from the official site so i don’t use a illegitiminate copy of s&box i even got the access in 5 hours

The best way to prove it is to show us your qeue and also your workshop page on steam.

ok but i can show sbox community because i didn’did the queue screenshot so heres the proof that i have it (+ i only rember that i got 32,000 workshop points) :

now i think you know that i have the real version right?

Well I didn’t see any actual numbers but i guess i’ll just take your word for it

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btw who knows how to fix this problem?

Irrelevant, access violation quite literally means that the app has tried to access a memory address that it doesn’t have access to - it likely ran out of memory and crashed.

Please don’t interrogate people asking for proof of their dev access.