S&Box Current Community Projects

Here’s a compilation/collection of all the current projects being worked on for Sandbox by the community. Most of these will be maps and models. If you would like your project added/removed feel free to message it to me and I’ll add it straight to the list but please follow the format. Just because someone is making this content now does not mean it will be in Sandbox. Anyways back to the point



Map Name: SB_Construct

Concept: Sandbox version of gmod map

By: Binary


Map Name: Not yet chosen

Concept: City Map

By: Blueberry_pie

City map

Map Name: Not yet chosen

Concept: Small Environment, Alley

By: Anthon

Small environment : Alley

Map Name: Rp_SantaAna

Concept: Roleplay city/town map.

By: Snap

Rp_SantaAna - s&box / mapping - Facepunch Forum

Map Name: Not yet chosen

Concept: Shopping mall

By: Willow

Been working on a mall for s&box

Map Name: Not yet chosen

Concept: Procedurally generated city

By: gvarados

Procedurally Generated City

Imgur: The magic of the Internet



Project Name: SB_Suit model

Concept: Terry wearing a HEV suit like the sexy man he is

By: Francesco Maes, VodMesa

Sb_suit Model

Large Projects:

Large Projects

Project Name: Lego Island Stuff

Contents: Ragdolls, models, Lego Island and more

By: Jason, PapaBrickolini

Lego Island Stuff - Ragdolls, Island & More


I don’t have any maps or assets I’m making. You’ve attributed me incorrectly.

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It was just the link had incorrectly linked. I had put the original authors names there but of an oof


The world would be so much better if every map had this level of detail, everywhere


reminds me this scene made in UE 4 with megascuns https://youtu.be/QTi-NYw-EAk


I had found a lot of references for this scene and this one is one of them! =)