S&box dev queue

I’m a author for the gmod workshop mod “Dying Light Blood Mod” also made by GalaxyHigh Marshal but the S&box queue is saying my workshop points are 1 even though the mod has over 200 likes and lots of views (even a couple rewards). I know a friend who also is the author of another mod also made by Galaxy but he got access within 7-8 hours (no the mod I’m an author of is not made after July the 20th). can anybody please help me out here?

200 likes is basically nothing

Well I’ll just send you a link anyways Steam Workshop::Dying Light Blood Mod here

200 hundred likes is nothing to you?

because you are just author not creator of the mods just your name included in mod author wont count as workshop score but your friend GalaxyHigh does count because he is creator of the mod

Then how come it says I’m a creator?

I don’t understand

It’s simple. In the queue, only the things YOU uploaded to the workshop counts. If you are a coauthor (like this case, because you are the second in the author list), it doesn’t count (for preventing people with a lot of views and suscribers adding people and getting “free” points in the queue).


It’s actually closer to 110, but it has 800 subscribers, 1 like every 8 subscribers is a phenomenally high like-to-subscriber ratio.

Compare that to one of your best performing addons that has 16’000 subscribers, 20 times his, but only 90 likes, less than his 800 subscriber mod.

Well I say this but he gets none because he is co-author but either way I think you get it, 100 likes and 1000 subscribers are enough to place him fairly high priority on the list, yes, it’s that dire the situation in the queue.

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Ah I see, thank you for telling me. Guess I’ll have to wait my 10 months : (