S&Box Developement Is Easy

I want to thank Garry, Facepunch, and S&Box team for their hard work on S&Box because development for S&Box is so much easy than the development for Garry’s Mod. C# makes the time for development faster and it very easy. C# and .NET platform are way much better than Lua development.


Yeah big Ups to the G-man :penguin:

Both have their advantages and disadvantages & Lua still has it’s place as a scripting language in games, but C# was definitely a good choice for S&box.


Obviously, this contributes to the early appearance of a lot of mods on S&box.

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Ok yeah lua and c# whatevs,

while in the asset creation side of development I hope I can speak for everyone when I say:

Fuck Source 1 workflow, Source 2 is my new best friend.

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ModelDoc :pray:

I’m not a modeler but the overall source 2 workflow is amazing.