S&box development with in-house editors

So I like the direction the game is headed in. I would just like to know if there’ll be an in-house editor for C# in the game itself, with an active debugger as well maybe. The reason for this is I’d like to get away with editing on my shield TV pro with kb&m. I decided to dump my PC and I’m a NEET so I can’t afford a better system, so I’m paying into cloud gaming. Geforce Now to be exact. Any good news for people like me?


I don’t see why faceppunch will go though all the effort to make an editor inside s&box. At the moment you can edit the c# files with any IDE or text editor you want, and it will be recompiled realtime! I’m sure some people will make in game editor addons, but I don’t think we’ll see a first-party editor.


You don’t even know if s&box will be in Geforce Now.


The answer so far is ‘no’.

You will need to either wait until a addon dev makes something or use the proper tools.


Definitely wouldn’t make sense for FP to create their own editor. GMod was a community based development game which spawned many users creating their own Glinters and add-ons for third-party text editors (notepad++, sublime, atom, etc…)

And tbh, VS Code is one of the best editors out there that would out of the box support a full range of c# highlighting. Obviously there would need to be specific highlights for S&Box, but someone is bound to come through right after game launch (if not someone that has Early Access) to have something mocked up and released for all of these editors for the development community.


In a nutshell: designing a proper fully-featured IDE is a hard work that requires tons of time and research of this particular field, FP has way too many other more important features to add into the game.

Of course it is possible to throw together a basic text editor with primitive functionality but what’s the point when you can use any of existing much better IDEs?


By the way visual studio will probably be a lot more popular then vs code for s&box


Why would it be?


Eh, I doubt it. VS Code is super lightweight and has everything you would need. It even has error highlighting like a true IDE.

Take a few and read this, super helpful.


I haven’t used C# (well I think I have but I don’t remember much about it) in VS Code before but for other languages that make you rely on extensions for support, I’ve just had a worse experience with them than full IDEs.

Of course, I doubt it would be bad for C# development, but IDE’s are usually just more convenient


An IDE is just a text editor with code specific functions. Considering we already have console integration with vs code, and it has full support for C#, it’s already more of an IDE than visual studio.

In the end, code is just text, so just use whatever editor you feel like the most. Even Microsoft word will work with s&box :wink:


Well I realized that even though I don’t have a primary PC anymore, I got my fat PS3 out of disservice, installed CFW, and am willing to put minimal Gentoo with hypervisor config, then maybe load ReactOS with QEMU or some WINE variant of visual studio and C# VM.

Edit: the next best thing I have is my Android phone, then finally my Nvidia shield TV pro. Someone took away my raspberry pi 2 though.