S&Box Discord Ban Appeal


I was banned around a month ago by Garry from the official S&Box discord server for trolling.
I had sent a crashing .mp4 and got banned for it.

I seriously apologize for what I did.

Now that I have an access to the game, I’m really getting penalized for what I’ve did before as I can’t ask questions to the game’s devs.

It’s a pain to have to code without being able to ask a single question else than on the forum, or to simply not be able to discuss about the game.

My discord: Gaztoof#8686 785610260764688415
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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we do a little tomfoolery

Ah yes let me crash everyone and ruin their experience when they need help. But now I need help so let me back in.



you should think twice before you post stuff like that

in reality you also cant piss on someone and come back later asking for help

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you know something facepunch will never unban a stupid ass Capisce?

does it deserve a perm ban though? I mean what they did was bad but just deleting the message and muting them for a while could have been enough

That’s kinda mean :confused: it happened before that people got unbanned for worse stuff, it is worth a second chance for someone that got access, there have been many cases of people getting permanently banned for very minor stuff.

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This is my take. It should stay a permanent ban. Does not matter if it was as simple as deleting the message. People that do that shouldn’t be let back in. But if Garry chooses otherwise I guess so.

Same with the people who also send pictures that trigger a false positive on anti-viruses.

They are just exploits and shouldn’t be tolerated.

I disagree

I understand where you’re coming from given how crashing a computer through Discord is a very serious and damaging thing to do.

However since presumably more than a month has passed since OP had done that, and how it’s possible that this exploit might have been patched at some point or another, then I don’t see how this should be a permanent ban. Don’t quote me on the exploit fix though since they probably haven’t yet, though I still don’t think they need a perma as we all tend to do stupid crap sometimes.

And if they say they’re not going to post/use another exploit and keep to it, then I think it shouldn’t be too bad. If they do again however, they can probably be perma’d then. Either way at the very least allow them to come onto the forums so long as they don’t do anything more stupid than what they did on the Discord.

Just my thoughts on it. : P

My heart goes out to people who have patience for this bullshit. I guess it’s possible that someone can learn their lesson after getting banned, but it contradicts the vast majority of my experience. Personally, I don’t use bans as a method to encourage reform, I use them because I want a problem GONE.

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So let me get this straight, you were banned for trolling just over a month ago, and now - with a smiling pepe profile picture - you expect everyone to believe that you’re not a troll anymore

ah yes don’t unban someone because of their pfp


I like to think most of the time, everyone deserves a second chance based on how serious the event was.

Anyone that blows that second chance should definitely be permed. Unfortunately sometimes people need to be used as an example to set the environment. Personally I would forgive because you apologized plain and simple, but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see or try reach out to one of the moderators?

you join the community, see the RuLeS
grossly violate the rules
if these are minor rules breaks, ok, unban

no mercy and an example for others who want to break the rules

I think that the moderators of the Discord don’t care about people like that. They had the opportunity to be a normal user but instead they knowingly sent videos to crash people :grimacing: