S&box Fantasy MMORPG - Dev Log

Welcome to the Development Log for my S&box Fantasy based mmorpg, I’ve also made a video series showcasing the progress and development process.

You can watch it here: :movie_camera: :clapper:
S&box MMORPG Progress Video Series

  • Create name for the project :heavy_minus_sign:
  • 100 Episode logs :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Open to public :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Working VR :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Controller Support :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Playable Storyline :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Working Enemys :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Weapons & Armour :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Loot Tables :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Leveling Database :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Complete Soundtrack :heavy_minus_sign:
  • PVP :heavy_minus_sign:
  • UI :heavy_minus_sign:
  • Main Menu :heavy_minus_sign:

Dev log 1 - Screenshots:

Dev Entry 1

We are using SteamVR until S&box releases, This comes with shader limitations, the model importing process… It’s quite annoying with the out dated modelDoc, complete nightmare. We can still push through and achieve basic foundations for what’s available, Doing so will save lots of time in the long run.

The first draft of the map has been layered down with some elements of a back story, however I’m excited to get rid of these PS2 Graphics and turn this up to the next level. We still need a main character model decision or atleast 1 use-able NPC model that will feature in the final product. We are going to have to do lots of practice in the modelling world to maintain style consistency across assets. Considering a magical Terry? or will he simply be an in-game character tribute model, I wonder…

Stay tuned and feel free to roast! :cupcake:


You have my attention! :+1:

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Ooh some nice concept art and a video to boot! Build a portfolio and I’m sure you’ll get nominated next key wave.

I really like the documentation you’re putting into this, can’t wait to see what you can do with the full devkit.


Interesting project