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General info

Q: What is “S&box”?

A: https://sbox.facepunch.com/

Q: Is there a release date? What about early access?

A: “The aim is to give some people access in the first half of 2021, and give everyone else access in the second half of 2021.”

Applications for early access can be found here.

Q: Should I apply for early access?

A: If you’re a content creator (Programmer, modeler, mapper, etc.), have experience with either Garry’s Mod, Source/Source 2 or other game engines and are interested in helping develop the game/API and create content ahead of release then you’re good to apply. If you just want to playtest other people’s creations or create YouTube content about the game then the early access period probably isn’t for you. We can’t stop you from trying though.

Q: What platforms will be supported?

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The game will not be available on Mac. Dedicated servers will be allowed to run on Linux, however, a game client for Linux will not be available.

Q: How much will the game cost?

A: We don’t know.

Q: Who’s working on S&box?

A: At the moment there are four people working on the game (That we know of)

  • Garry - Lead programmer
  • Layla - Programmer
  • Lamalove - Programmer
  • Sam - Graphics programmer

Game info

Q: What engine does the game use?

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A version of Source 2 based on the Half-Life: Alyx branch of the engine. Early development was done on Unreal Engine 4 but this has since been discontinued.

Q: How many players can the game handle? What about map sizes?

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At the moment both player and map size limits are the same as Source 1 (128 players and a max map size of 32768^3 units) but these limits are planned to be increased.

Q: What about other limits?

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The implication here is that most limits can be worked around with some effort.

Q: Will sandbox support VR?

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VR support is planned, not much else is known beyond that at the moment.

Q: How will the multiplayer work? Can we connect via P2P?

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From the sound of it the game will feature Steam Networking, which implies P2P support.

Q: Will we be able to mount games like we can in Garry’s Mod?

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Q: What style will the game use?

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There are likely going to be multiple styles shipped with the game, including at least one ‘realistic’ and one cartoonish. Not including any other styles added by people through the workshop.

Q: Will feature X from the UE4 version make it into the game now that it’s running on Source 2?

A: Nothing has been ruled out yet, though nothing has been explicitly confirmed yet either.


Q: Will the game use the steam workshop?

A: Most likely.

Q: What language is being used to make addons?

A: Addon/gamemode creation will done using C#.

Q: Can I move over existing Garry’s Mod addons to S&Box?

A: No. Assets (Maps, models, ect.) will have to be imported through the Source 2 tools shipped with the game where possible and any code will have to be rewritten from the ground up. There is no official Lua support planned.

Q: How will X work?

A: The official wiki is updated semi-regularly with info on how various systems work.


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God damn 500 players servers like in Minecraft or Rust, that’s amazing and sounds like a wet dream. Just imagine some sort of RPG survival game mode or some sort of blocky game in Sandbox, or even a goddamn Darkrp server with 500 members, the more I know about the project the more I am hyped!

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Great work thankyou!!

I will keep digging for some more answers to commonly asked questions

500 players sound good, but I don’t think any server can handle this, especially with many addons or them spamming props, etc.
Also, I don’t think that Source 2 is that well optimized for that many entities. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advanced game with more than about 150 players on one single server.

Mavericks Proving grounds had at one point over 300 player on a single server. and it was running fine due to Spatial OS. Sadly the game was cancelled during development, otherwise we would had a 1000 player battleroyal at this time :frowning:

This really isn’t the thread to start discussing things in, please try to keep it about the FAQ itself.

In source engine no, but outside source engine there are some games that can pull over 150 players. for example Rust?

I’m an amateur C# coder but I want to attempt to make addons for this game. Should I apply? I don’t want to commit to some huge expectation or anything like that, but I’d like to do what I can alongside my job and use it as a way to learn more C#.

If you are not agreeing to expectations about having to deliver something or other upon applying, there is no reason not to apply.

Just state your case as an amateur C# coder and how you being included could be of some help to the development. The worse that can happen is you not being accepted

What does “early access for content creators” mean? Does this mean creating strictly public content/addons for the workshop? Or can this mean creating servers with custom/private gamemode and models etc. I am interested in making a roleplay server from scratch, from the code, models, vehicles, even to the map and would love to join this program if it would allow me to do this with a friend. A head start would be fabulous.

If you’re applying to get a head start on competition I think you’d be applying for the wrong reasons, but you don’t get hurt by trying I guess. Here’s my opinion:

S&Box is pretty much a clean slate of content, with it being likely that the people that get early access will be developing the “first wave” and even provide feedback on how development went or any unfriendly/missing features. Think about what you want to bring to the table, and more importantly how it will enrich the game as a WHOLE.

I’m not sure who will be let in or why but regardless it’s going to be based on the NEEDS of the game. If it needs levels, bring in level designers. Needs assets? Gamemodes? etc. There are already some amazing content creators posting things on these forums / discord ( not to mention the Poly Strike development ), and only garry / the FP team really knows what’s going to happen, but not killing the game in the crib is probably the highest priority.

You want to attract not only developers, but a player base as well. Garry’s Mod has a lot of freedom, coupled with a decade and a half of content building on it. Apply for whatever reason you want, but understand and curb your expectation.

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