S&Box Gamemode Concept

Backstory of the team:

The team all met through the DayZ Standalone modding community and many of us started with the widely known “DayZ Expansion” mod. Since then we have all continued with DayZ Modding while patiently waiting for that new game that will better allow us to expand our skills and provide for the community. Some of us run & maintain the most popular mods on the DayZ Workshop.

Thurston: Programmer & occasional animator and modeller - I’ll keep this short and sweet, I have been modding games since 2014, I learnt to code in 2011 (Thank you GMOD!), and I now thankfully have a job doing what I love - my GitHub is Thurston00.

wrdg: Programmer - Programming for a lot of years, my speciality is C#, and I have been modding games since early 2018, I want to keep this short so my GitHub username is wrdg.

InclementDab: Programmer & Modeller - Much like wrdg, I have also been programming for a while, and my speciality is also C#, I started modding games with DayZ Standalone a year ago - I started with a project called the DayZ Editor, and if you want to view more of my repos, you can view them on my GitHub at InclementDab.

Jacob_Mango: Programmer & Modeller - I am currently a Bachelor of Computer Science, and I started both programming and modding in early 2012 (I started with Minecraft!) and I am currently (much like the others) modding DayZ Standalone, I am one of the main developers behind “Community Framework” which currently has 1.5m subscribers. Although you probably won’t find any Minecraft related stuff on my GitHub (username is Jacob-Mango), but you will be able to see my public repos.

Not A Banana: Modeller & occasional programmer - I started modelling a few years ago, and I am slowly but surely improving everyday! I started modding games in 2018 (DayZ), and I am eager to see the modding scene for other games! Here is my GitHub (Username: ficarra1002), even though all of it is private.

MarioE: Programmer, Computer Scientist, Mathematician, VFX Artist & Modeller - My modding story began with Assault Cube, then MTA San Andreas, then ArmA 2 (For my own ArmA 2: DayZ servers), and now finally DayZ Standalone, if you would like to view more of my work, please check out my GitHub at MarioEDayZ, although, much like the others here, a lot of my projects are private.

Game Concept:

Our concept is fairly simplistic on the surface level, but as we dive further into it, there are a lot more intricacies surrounding the gameplay and mechanics that we have thought very thoroughly about.

The core concept is to do with survival with added elements to encourage RP and user interactions, to put it in the most broadest of terms, putting every player into an awful situation would make them forced to work together in order to survive the threat at hand.

Whilst we are still working on a more through concept, we already have multiple mechanics and core gameplay aspects planned and ready to be written, but there are still a few we are ironing out and hoping to get in a state which fits inside of the concept.

We have concepts for how currencies are going to work, we are planning to mimic and introduce a system for pseudo-cryptocurrencies, which fluctuate in real time (based from actual, in real life data graphs and samples this will be done by MarioE).

Depending on the limitations for the Source 2 engine we are planning to introduce aerial vehicles, such as helicopters, this will be spearheaded by Jacob_Mango, providing that nothing has officially been planned, we are hoping to expand upon the land vehicles and introduce new mechanics and concepts, such as allowing players to walk on the bed of a truck whilst it’s moving.

Final Thoughts:

Whilst we have many more ideas and concepts we’d love to share, this post is getting a bit long and we do not want to drag it on. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to comment!

We hope that the game mode concept is something which will strike you guys! Although none of us currently have access to the game, we hope to begin work as soon as we get access (be that via early access keys, or on release!).

Thank you,


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i am excited for the modding potential in this game :smiley:


I could definitely see this gamemode exploding in popularity if done properly. I’ll personally be following this because I’m a sucker for anything survival.


Definitely a more comfortable platform to build on up than what DayZ is like. Super excited to see this finally coming available, have been following this project for the past few years!

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I hope we can get at least 64km2 maps in.

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Hicks, now that’s a name I haven’t head in a long time.

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Yeah. Hicks is a good friend of all of ours!

Hey, just saying I am planning on making a universal first person controller for fps gamemodes in sandbox.(Cod/ins server) Maybe we can collab on this?