S&Box Gamemode List (Outdated)

No wrench symbol. :frowning_face:

We need a moderator.

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indeed its level is too low

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The only mod that I know of is garry himself, everyone else with the leader role is a broken old account

Well he’s a busy guy, so I don’t want to ping him about it.

Maybe when (and if) he reads it, he can turn it into a wiki. Till then I’ll do my best to keep it up to date.

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I love the name of this one…super hyped!

heyy thanks man!, much appreciation

My gamemode’s a bit smaller but if you could add it that’d be great :slight_smile:

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Huh, I just tried adding more gamemodes and it seems that I can no longer edit my first post after 24h.

@garry could you please convert it into a wiki when you have a moment?


nah he can edit but you are only allowed to edit your posts a certain amount of times per day to avoid spam edits

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Thank you for including Team Fortress Redux in :slight_smile:

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mfw theres still no sandbox on the facepunch gamemode list :eye:

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I mean… They’re making their own Sandbox mode

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yes thats why im wondering why its not on the list

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Spacebuild in S&Box?
Wouldn’t mind having a go at making it possible when able to :slight_smile:

In the process of re-coding Spacebuild in Garry’s Mod, as it was originally made many years ago, and still uses deprecated code.

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I was expecting TONS of zombie gamemodes, glad that’s not the case [for now]

It’d be kind of difficult to do anything with NPC’s at the moment since I don’t think they’ve exposed navmesh stuff yet.

Well I still can’t edit the first post, so until that’s possible I’ll drop gamemode list updates like this one below.

Updated first post.

Worth checking out:
S&box Gamemode API Website

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