S&Box map sizes?

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I would love to know how big maps can be in S&Box.

Are we limited to the tiny maps Source 1 was limited too?

Can I create GTA 5 sized maps or maps the size of the ArmA 3 maps?

If the maps sizes can’t be any or even marginally bigger then Source 1 is S&Box on Source 2 really that much of an upgrade compared to if it was still being developed on UE4?

Now I know that most, if not all of you can’t answer this 100% accurately as you don’t have access to S&Box, I am hoping that Garry or another dev can answer this for me/us. But feel free to post your opinions of the questions asked. I would love to read others thoughts on this subject as well.



It’s too early to tell, but Garry has plans for this.
If @layla or other users are able to implement level streaming, then you can think about such sizes that GTA 5 and Arma 3 has (probably)


source 2 supports level streaming, but afaik its kinda broken in half life alyx so we will see
stuff can render past the grid, you just cant reach it

edit: found a demonstration map https://youtu.be/Gt0mmKeZdnw
there is a bug in hla, if you unload the first map the game crashes so its pretty much broken in the current state