S&box on the steam deck

I put in a reservation for the Steam Deck, and because it uses proton to run windows games I was wondering if S&Box is compatible with proton.

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I believe Garry mentioned that there will be support

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source 2(base engine for s&box), proton and steam deck are the development of Valve so…
great confidence that everything will work on the steam deck


Valve said every Steam game will work on Steam Deck, I don’t see a reason why S&box would not work, lol.

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The client will work fine, not sure how development would work out on a handheld, might be useable with the dock?

Currently through my testing it does work, but not without its issues. Biggest one being networking doesn’t work.

Ok, I hope the Deck works with s&box fully at release. Valve did also say they would try getting the whole steam library working by release of the Deck. Thanks