S&Box Recommendations and access request

Yes ik this is probably not gonna happen but for the game but what if you could switch between maps in the same server without it kicking other players (this happens with me in gmod) But I think that would be a nice change and yes ik s&box isn’t supposed to be gmod 2 but I think it would be nice I’ve been in the gmod Community since 2014 and would like access to s&box And another thing that should be added to s&box is being able to crank facial expressions like in gmod I love doing that
That’s it

I’m a bit new to facepunch but been in gmod for a while so If I’m bad with some features that’s cause I’m new

Hi there :slight_smile:

Currently, access to the developer preview of s&box is based on a queue system that takes into account your Workshop score for Half-Life: Alyx and Garry’s Mod. You can read more about it here.

Pretty sure it is planned already, also as Jack said you can get in by entering the queue, which is based on your workshop score, so much time passed since the queue was added that basically anyone with a score of more than 1 gets instant access.

So as long as you made literally 1 addon you will get access almost instantly, if not you may be put at the end of the queue and wait upwards to 2 years to get the game.

ive made a qouple addons now i just gotta find out how to enter the quene

ive also learned i need to make more addons

for more workshop score

You can’t increase your workshop score by creating new addons

i dont really know how to get workshop score

You can no longer, the points were calculated once about 3 months ago. So you can’t generate them anymore.

At this point I’m just waiting for it to be public
I’m not going to make anymore topics because of people making fun of me

In my other posts I’ll just stick to the true best website

I have a score of 32,453 and the banner says I’ll get access in 4 hours, as my position is currently 11. A day ago, my position was 8, and the day before that, it was 7. I think it’s safe to say that even if you have tens of thousands of points, there is always someone ahead of you. Only if you’re lucky, you’ll be ahead of someone else.

you are right. but a question id like to ask is: when it said content created after july 20th will not work
did it mean also the old content as well?
im trying a little bit hard to get higher workshop score useing my old stuff
Also will editing your content make it think that is was created after july 20th?

Nothing you do will change your workshop score, once you’ve seen it, that’s what you have, uploading new addons, listing back unlisted addons, being added as a contributor to old addons, nothing will work.

Besides it’s not like you need to now, soon enough people with 1 workshop score will start getting access, so if you’ve ever uploaded anything at all, you should have access by now / couple of days, even if it is your first map in hammer that got 1 subscriber (you)

ok fine i dont care about s&box anymore gmod is literly 20 times better then what ive seen so its time for you to log off and quit jumping into others convesations

I just told you how it is, in my point of view it’s better to warn you before you waste time trying to find ways that won’t work.

Also make it 100 times better, S&box is in way too early of a stage to be enjoyable, that’s why normal players aren’t allowed yet, because the only thing it beats Gmod in is its dev tools, S&box holds huge potential Gmod never had.

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im going it find out how to delete my acc this site is shit in every way

welp i cant