S&box server loading screen


Is S&box expected to have a html/webpage based loading screen such as Garry’s Mod, using ultralig.ht or Awesomium? If so, will it be possible for the rendering to be asynchronous from the content loading processes so that videos or animations don’t become choppy due to content live-mounting?

Please let me know if anyone has information on this,
Thank you


A good idea, far from something that really needs to be discussed at this point, since this more of a feature that would be introduced later in development.

It would also be nice to have the loading screen dynamic/intractable to make loading mini-games, since the loading screen game patent expired in late 2015

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They really had a patent on minigames during loading screens, smh companies making the world worse little by little :pensive:


I miss listening to some looped 2012 dubstep on 300% volume while downloading 10 GB of admin-only playermodels!

I’m pretty sure ultralight isn’t very usable atm and Awesomium is dead:
Awesomium’s API has been abandoned since ~2016 by its creators. It is no longer available to download directly and is not recommended for new projects, as Awesomium does not support HTML5 and contains unfixed bugs with security flaws. Sause


All anime playermodels and combine reskins of course.


Idk the anime models seem to be a favourite + chewbacca skins

hopefully theres a way to mute whatever whats playing on the loading menu…

The was I was doing it on my servers was to make a dynamic loading screen website on which the player could choose the background, music and the volume of the music.

And I remember reading about how clients could replace the loading screen with their own somehow. But I don’t remember where I’ve read that.

Would be nice to actually have local addons that change loadingscreens, so I don’t have do deal with somebody’s Ear Destroyer 2000™

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This is specifically for animations and dynamic websites, music is off topic here because it was never interrupted by the Garry’s Mod loading process.