S&Box Specs?

I was wondering if anyone has been able to estimate a guess on what specs would be needed to run S&Box. I expect it to be less than what it takes to run Half-Life: Alyx, given that it won’t be exclusively VR, but what do you guys think? Has anyone with access run into performance issues (not caused by code or general issues)?

Since S2 will give us so much more possibility, i think the required specs will heavely depend on what server you will be playing on, depending on how they manage their ressources (What run on the client, how the map is build, what is rendered to the client, etc)
As gmod was limited by the engine, for example the maps, you couldn’t go to big because the compiler would just not support it


This topic keeps being brought up multiple times, I think a search can get you multiple viewpoints on this topic.

As for the actual performance requirements, s&box is at it’s core a game engine, and unlike Gmod where you are forced to use the same entities and models as everyone else, we will have mostly unique assets for most gamemodes.

This means that your performance will depend entirely on the gamemode you play, as even 2D games can be made with s&box.


What ever it maybe but i do know my rig will handle it fine

As others have said I would say the specs required would vary wildly depending on what’s being done. Though just blindly speculating here it would likely need a reasonable set of specs for most stuff, dedicated graphics card, 8 gigs of ram, modernish multicore processor, I would also imagine that the drive usage would rack up pretty quick if everything is stored locally.

Depends how intensive the gamemode you’re playing is and how well assets are optimized. Think of sbox as an engine on it’s own, not just a game.

Seeing as creators have the ability to write addons/gamemodes that can use more than one thread it’s very much dependent on the gamemode you’re playing.