S&box unofficial Terry Skeleton 💀

i would ideally want to bring it in sbox and get it completely up to how i wanted and working as a working player model in game before i give it out, since i wanted it as like a project to understand what im doing with source 2 and also something to actually be pre-occupied on sbox with tinkering away on and getting to grips with between playing peoples stuff instead of just waiting for peoples game modes.

but if i cant do that then i might just give it out once im “done” doing it, athough i dont know what done would be, maybe i will end up just doing the base coloured texture and leave it at that, although i do think i want to rig it up and try get some maps baked out for it, hopefully.

But in the end it will be out for people to use, either on workshop or as an actual file to download if people want to go in and look at all the shortcuts and shoddy job on little bits i have done 0-0
but for now i plan on not releasing it for a little bit although that may change in a few days or a week idk.


Alright! Thanks for your response, if you want “art” or something, hit me up :slight_smile:


not done too much since i was last here, only things i have done is being messing around with the mesh to get the tri/vert count down since it was pretty high,
got it down to 27k tris, but i will make somes LODs for it a bit later on since in its current state i cant easily get it down anymore without making the spine, ribs or skull look bad
I also done a quick bake for normals and AO on it, (although i did also paint some extra AO on it to make parts of the skull pop out a bit more, and i am attempting to start making a base colour texture, although… im not that good at it


And now we need someone to model a trumpet and someone to make it into a swep, lol. :joy:



might aswell update here
so i rigged the model onto the original rig from terry/citizen/“fat handed twat”

i also made some LODs (the lower end ones do get kinda fucked, but you wont be seeming them up close so thats ok and i can probably get it better even more with removing the small bone in the lower legs, but i can do that later)

also certain people kept asking for “ear bones” so i gave in and made them, although they will be a body group hopefully

still not got an amazing base texture, but it will do good enough i hope, since i only got blender so cant really make anything amazing, and dont really know nodes well enough to make something impressive within blender and dont have the artistic skills or knowledge to paint a nice texture either.
i hope to be able to port it over to sbox as soon as i can, wanna figure out how to set up the LODs, hit boxes and all that jaz.
so far its been fun making it, and despite not having the most amazing topology and the tri count is not as low as one would want its still ok for my first player model and someone else could have probably made it already tons better without mistakes i have made, but its pretty decent and cant wait to make more stuff.


Don’t doubt yourself man , looks great :grinning:

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Great job with the ear bones, you got promise kid


you know what, eh i will just give it out, the textures are kind of somewhat maybe really slightly scuffed in some ways, i might also have the wrong type of normal map, there is no animation and there probably is some really nasty topology.
but thats ok people can mess around with it anyhow, sfm, making gibs out of it, as a prop and so on, although please i beg dont take it and instantly re-upload it claiming it as your own :worried:
i ideally want to upload to sbox first, but if you have edited it and or improved it a decent bit i guess you can still upload it if you added animations and such, but i do want credit for the original base even so, even a little “thanks notgaylien for the base skeleman” in a description somewhere.
although you can mess around with it personally and make better textures and use it for what you want as long as you dont claim it as your own creation, but feel free to use it for whatever, ideally i want people to give credit to me, and thats my only gripe.

this is got a custom shaped rig to look more better with hands and hips and has the original higher poly mesh

wont work in sbox, this is just the baser original mesh before adjustments

this is got a base normal rig but the mesh is adjusted to fit the rig of the normal citizen so will work with its anims better, but no high poly mesh, but if you want to use it make sure to either set up LODs with what you are doing or only export with the [rig, LOD0] and the LOD0 bodygroup if you want the ears too

download for latest rig in this post

(using google drive, should be a blender file, includes the original base mesh i messed around with, the LODs, the ears bones. then with the textures too, i haven’t compiled it to any model format so it just a blend file and 4k textures, but you can compress them to 1024 or 2048, just did it in case anyone wanted higher res textures for some reason.)
any issues with the download tell me, and i may carry on working on it, but this is just the main “final” result in a sense.


Made some simple textures :smiley:

I call it Terryminator!



Looks very nice, good job!

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im glad i have released this model, seen alot of amazing stuff from people like

pushmo post with a new texture just a couple posts above, also helping me understand better uv packing which i shall do next time.

Patrick Jr. the cool skeleman heart artwork, does make some hella nice terry/citizen/“fat handed twat” related poses and art in his thread.

David / solid_jake using it in the nifty player animations that he has been doing, if you wanna see the player character do some funny dances and moves have a look.

who helped me a decent bit with testing my model with the base animations and what i should fix in order to get it to work, there wouldn’t be a better rigged version without his help testing

and there are also more people but off the top of my head i cant remember many and have not seen stuff people have done yet.

makes me already want to make more (but better without the mistakes i made this time which people in the facepunch and s&box community discords helped me to see where i went wrong and actually told me how to fix it or do it better, they do give actual good advice that does become hella useful like making sure that the “normals are fucked fix them” happens before you finish and remember to check)


Hey man, your skeleton model looks amazing and it loos like you might have some experience in 3D modelling. I would love to invite you to our discord and check us out at Eagle one, maybe you want to work with us making s&box content in the future!

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I’m glad you like it!

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Looks like also a great opportunity to use it for extreme gore on some gamemodes hehehe

Good job, model is looking amazing so far, maybe a bit more work on the texture, but it is good to go already as is.

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I’ve got a bone to pick with you.


This looks very cool, I like the skeleton model already.

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Just a heads up, I removed the links to the download, since there will be a new rig soon and need to fix the skeleton for that and then a couple more issues, download will be back soon I hope


ok ladies and gents, i got the new rigged skeleton back up and uhhh “working”
could be a ton better, but this does the job fairly well.

(ps i will re-add the link to the original base mesh in the original link post although that mesh will not fit any sbox rig but is there if you want to fuck with stuff and re adjust it yourself later on BUT NOT the original sbox rigged one, if you need the S&BOX RIGGED SKELETON this link here in this current post is the one you want.
Here it is

if it works in sbox who knows
but people can mess around with it if they like


Been messing with the skeleton again.
this can just be dumped into your gamemode or addon, got the materials already done, and the model pretty much set up.

only issue is it has no base animations, or animgraph, so cant be used alone as a playermodel. but can be used as just a ragdoll.
you have to use the base citizen model, then bonemerge the skeleton onto it and then hide the original citizen mesh then it basically works perfect, see…


  • better uv unwrap
  • version you can just drag and drop into your sbox shit for it to work
  • new textures / material groups (may be more shit, but you got 4 versions now, normal, bleached, bloody and char/burnt… feel free to get rid of them, or add your own ones if need be.)
  • shitty ragdoll stuff
  • model split up in blender and ingame for bodygroups (head, torso/arms, hands, legs and feet) works better for clothes that way.

how to use for sbox

  • open the files, go into the Skeleman-Sbox folder
  • select the materials and models folders
  • drag them and drop them into your addon or gamemodes
  • should work

ANY ISSUES - go into the dev mode asset browser.
Look up the VMAT’s of the skeleton and go in them to make sure the file path of the textures in each VMAT are correct
then do the same in the VMDL file for RenderMeshes, and the PhysicsHulls , make sure they are going to the correct folder path.

feel free to fuck with it however you want, change it, rip it apart and throw it into a new mesh, turn it into gibs, change the materials.

Anyway, here you go, will update it in the future when i can add the animations and shit from the citizen to it, for now just bonemerge it to citizen and then hide the original citizen mesh.


Late to the party, but it’s so nice to see updates on this!

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