S&box VR

Will VR support be native in S&box considering it will be using Source 2?


That’s the plan


Would it be possible to make a VR-only server? (Officially, so that it would be shown as “VR only” in the server browser or something)

And would full body tracking be supported?


You can always query what the client is using, and if they have a VR headset plugged in.
If not, just kick them :yum:

On that note though, you’re able to have custom player controllers per-player, so it won’t be that hard to allow non-vr players in tandem.

I’m just imagining a server browser where servers have tags that you can filter by. Would just be a much nicer UX if they didn’t have to join (and take up a slot) just to be kicked.

I’m sure VR + Non-VR will be easy, but I can imagine some gamemodes/communities would prefer to stay VR-only (e.g. VR chatrooms or VR combat as non-VR players would have a massive advantage)


Yeah! I get what you mean, but that’s a discoverabillity issue that I’m still unsure on ideas on how you would actually do it. They want more than just a server browser, as they are kinda meh.

I wonder if we would be able to define some player restrictions at first connection, like before they even join the server, see what information we can get about the player (VR / nonVR) rather than having to wait for them to finish joining

My vision for an effective server browser would be gamemode-focused, so the first thing you see when you open it are big tiles with the gamemode’s name, branding (logo, card background image, description, maybe some icons, links etc.) which would show you a list of servers when clicked on.

To avoid the shit fest that is Gmod’s server browser, the gamemodes should never be sorted in order of popularity (although that should definitely be an option.) Gamemode voting, trending gamemodes, new risers, etc. should be a big focus of the layout, and would encourage actual innovation.

Kind of like Gmod’s CheckPassword hook, allowing you to straight up deny the connection.

I think a system revolving around concommands (e.g. sv_vr_only) which add filterable tags to servers in the browser would be best though.

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I think that there should be something like FiveM’s deferrals - ability to check some info about the client while connecting to the server and showing the player some progress and a possibility to deny the connection.

I agree with you on this! A hard thing to keep in mind is that we’re expecting many more gamemodes than what gmod had, since s&box is so modular and open in exactly what you have. This is something I definitely expect them to be tweaking for a long time.

Exactly! I expect we’ll get something more elegant than concommands, but a tag system would be nice if managed well, (and not populated by nonsense tags)

This situation reminds me of how Dreams currently handles VR content. They have three levels (No Vr, Vr supported, Vr only) to separate their games from each other. They’ve also got another layer of how easy it is for peope new to VR (Which is actually community-voted).
Of course, that won’t really work well for s&box, (or will it? they’re planning native vr support already…)

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This is gonna be hot.


I genuinely think S&box has the potential to revolutionize VR. Maybe this was Valve’s plan all along :smiley:


Assuming S&box gets released, any mode I make will definitely support VR :pray:t2:


After recently playing Dreams in VR It’s honestly amazing how cool it is compared to most other VR games. I’m solidly expecting s&box to be the next best game in VR

I can already see S&box do lot for VR, it could pretty much be the one game to rule em all.

I agree man, can’t wait to see all the creative things that will come out of this game.

Time to save up for a vr system, might end up just waiting for sandbox to be released then grabbing the latest vr system for this game.

What you guys think?

I mean, i’d personally recommend you to get VR HMD even before S&box comes out, it’s really fun. HLA is also a must play imo.

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Not going to lie, you could get an original oculus rift CV1 for like 200 bucks which is what I use and it’s definitely adequate if you have a good PC and 3 sensors.

Playing GMod with the one VR addon on the workshop has really proven to me how big something like S&Box having VR support would be. Not to mention being able to build a contraption with some level of interactivity with my Index would be pretty awesome.

Monolith VR confirmed.

If this is added I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted gmod VR and although some people have made VR mods its not really smooth, etc so to be honest gonna be amazing!