S&box WAYWO April 2021

Hi everyone, with early access coming soon™, it would be cool to see what everybody is currently working on.

Each month this thread will be posted with highlights from the previous thread to highlight community creations

What can you post?

Anything you are currently working on and planning to add to S&box when you get access.
Please provide screenshots, videos or code snippets to make it interesting!


I’m looking into user permissions based on what Facepunch implements in the addon SDK.

Doing mock-ups of a modular administration plugin built on top of permissions that allows for easy integration with other addons and game modes.

Also working on a schema for addons made for the admin plugin, and what that could look like.


Making Cry of Fear at the moment in Source 2! Atleast the maps right now.

Very much WIP just focusing on the lights and fog atm to set the scene.

Edit - Lighting pretty much done!

Mind you it is pretty dark but remember you have a phone flashlight in Cry of Fear;)

Edit 2
This Topic shows off the finalised version of it if you are interested!


I dug up a 2 year old project from when I was first messing around with multiplayer games.
It’s been a while since I’ve programmed a networked game, so it’s nice to mess around with it again.

The project is a multiplayer rumbler, where you fight clones of Larry the lobster, as Larry the lobster. I have models and animations ready to port over once I get access to S&boc.

I have a few screenshots so far, and will post some videos when I’ve messed a bit more with the networked animations.

Third person rotation is synced with the players first person camera so you can see where they are looking

Ragdolls are spawned client side and are not synced when players die
The sea needle

The second map featuring the spongebob’s house


Currently working on an administration framework! I made a forum post about it here: Advisor - A flexible open source administration framework

I’ll be working hard at it to try and release it before S&box’s full release, if I manage to get early access.


We already have plenty of people trying to make all encompassing threads (See the various “What addon/gamemode/idea are you planning to make/do you have?”) and don’t really need more of them.


Atm i am mostly done with the skeleman i made here just a couple of things i still wanna do, like a viewmodel and such.

working on a new robot playermodel with a camera head which can be found here although its only a WIP camera so not much to see
robot camera head WIP

although i might not finish it, and if so i will make it just a camera alone since i might end up working on something else soon which will require more of my attention.

I want to make some basic assets for just general use hopefully just to get grips with them for sbox, but i may do that once i get the game so i can make sure scale is all right, so i may have to do that in like half a year when it comes out.

And finally i am starting to plan and ideally soon working on models for secret project number 2847 for s&box, with another developer, in which if we doo decide and start making alot of stuff it will be the reason i cant make a full robot player model, but i might still do it since i could potentially use it in said gamemode.
we have already planned out alot of the basic core stuff what we are gonna be doing and the way we are approaching it, now it just to block out alot of stuff to get the feel for it, then i can start work on first getting a few placeholder models in for the fellow dev to use to actually build stuff up with and for testing, since coding a gamemode with 0 models for them to use when they make the gamemode make sense will be a pain, but then i can start detailing more stuff and get around to making it look decent enough bit by bit, but first i want everything to be in a playable state, then slowly go in and make the models look good, plus i much rather make place holder simple models now than making something amazing and it being off and not the right shape and size for sbox and doesnt work right, so they will do for now
quick sneak peak of a blockout for something that may be involved, no textures and only quickly been thrown together, and no its not a furry type thing, its like a onesie


quick update as of 14/04/2021

so been doing a fuckton of shit for a gamemode im working on
models are occasionally be posted here

and then the gamemode stuff is here


That’s a fair point, the megathread I saw was mainly for ideas.
And recently there’s been a lot of: “This is what I’m working on” posts, so I thought it would be nice with a thread that could show them off


i don’t have s&box access yet nor am aware of any source 2 tools i could be messing with without buying HL:A.
i’m making a surreal horror roleplaying game on garry’s mod with heavy use of visual effects, but they’re incredibly limited compared to what s&box will be capable of with custom shader support. here’s videos players took that give a good idea of how it looks

of particular note is how colors shift and make sure the picture is never still. being able to mess with custom shaders and develop them in real time with my other development partner on s&box is all i can think about.


I’m digging the visual aesthetics


I’ve been working on this dude recently, giving him a rig, animations and NPCness, planning on making him with whatever s&box nextbot shit garry gives us

I’ve posted a lot of progress videos here: Dwarf Spider Droid PM/NextBot


Working on OpenMod, which is a universal plugin framework. It supports Unturned and has Rust integration in development.

It will very likely support S&box too, at least on the server-side. It covers things that FP will likely not provide built-in:

The main advantage of OpenMod is that it allows one to make maintainable complex plugins that span hundreds of classes. It’s also modular and any built-in component can be replaced.


The sounds used for when people talk in the third video sound incredibly familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. What are they from?

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0:04 and 0:20, pretty much all of them sound familiar in some way

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at 0:04 that’s a Korpsman (paramedic) talking, they were made by a friend of mine. at 0:20 that’s a Proletariat talking and their voices are made from Dedan’s lines from OFF, the RPG maker game


Recently decided to post about my hovercraft battle project:

Been doing a few sketches in an attempt to knock out some proportions, but I can’t seem to get large enough fans for the carrage while also keeping it low enough to the ground.

Not really happy with either of these designs, the first one can’t have the fans in a 1x2 configurationn since the carrage is too close to the ground, while the second one has small fans and is more car-like than I want. also unsure weather to have the power source be some sort of verticle antenna like a remote control car (but more futureistic), or go for a more detailed engine design which might be too much for my measly 3d artist skills. I can make verticies do whatever I want, but to actually get a decent looking model? Directly over my head, whoosh…


I’ve been porting models from Wipeout HD in Source 2. @layla showed me on the discord that some wipeout-style vehicle physics were being worked on so I hope I will be able to put my work to good use once s&box comes out.



My friend and I have been working on an idea for a laid-back gamemode that I will not discuss in major detail as I am very anxious about anyone stealing our idea even though someone’s definitely already thinking about making the same thing. But I have screenshots of the map I started working on this morning for it that I don’t mind sharing:

The palm fronds also sway with the wind but I have no idea how to increase the amplitude of their movements; the words Valve chose to use in the material editor for this functionality are incredibly good at confusing me to the point where changing anything results in a tasty vertex soup.


Started on planning to make a simple FPS controller framework that allows users can create their ideal FPS game. Goal is to make it can covers from fast-paced movement games like CoD to slow-paced tactical shooters like squad.

Currently looking into the source code from dm98 and horror mode on the facepunch github to learn more about how will the game works.