S&box WAYWO April 2021

Im Very Glad You Asked!

Im working on multiple projects such as:

GoldenEye 007 Alyx
This is a project started by ChimonaHehe on discord. he made the eagle one team and I am on it. i have worked on models and puzzles for them

Project Mars: Alyx
Im also working with a few people on making a map on mars! we dont know anything else besides that and its in very early development.

dm_devhouse: It is very early but im making a deathmatch map for dm98.

There are many other things i want to show but unfortunately i cant post more than 1 image. i also dont have much to show yet. i dont think ill get acsess this month but a man can dream right? anyways ill be seeing ya.

-Gman (Ian)


I’m remaking gm_mobenix in Steam VR Hammer using some old and new assets. It will not be direct port. Currently doing spawn and after that I will probably be doing Flatgrass/Construct area.


Well, for the most part, I’m part of an open-source weapons framework, and we’re just waiting for EA to really do anything, but I also am rigging a Boston Dynamics “Spot” model I got for free on a CC license to use for a mod, kind of like that one Minecraft mod used by Michael Reeves and others with the programmable robots and shit, but with a robot that can realistically exist.

It came with it’s own rig but that shit just confused me and I might as well learn from this, so I’m rigging it myself, and, luckily, it’s not too complex of a model to rig.

Model and Armature

Just the Armature

Just the Model

Overall, it’s a very high-quality model, and I am so happy it’s under Creative Commons.


That’s amazing, can’t wait for a racing mode now


I’m learning C# because I want to be able to port a simple gamemode like Melonbomber to S&box once we get access to it. I’m currently thinking about spicing up the gameplay a bit and going away from the melons, but that will have to wait until I successfully port it to S&box.


I’ve been reading up on writing an interpreter and looking through the existing expression 2 sources.

I’m interested in creating an equivalent to wiremod’s expression 2, having spent alot of time playing with that in gmod a decade ago. Albeit perhaps with syntax closer to something c-based.

Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s already a suitable open source c# tokeniser library that could be forked to speed up development though.

I’m keeping an eye on the wiremod discord so I can get involved there early on, should any movement begin (history of their discord suggests most will consider s&box vaporware until they have access).

I could probably write the core language parsing/execution for arithmetic and logical operators now, as they will be rather agnostic of how the game interfaces with addons. But I’m reluctant to invest much time until I know the direction of wiremod’s team to avoid duplicating efforts.

I’ve mostly worked with C++/CUDA for the past ~6 years, but used Java throughout undergrad and given how C# is basically Microsoft’s Java, switching to that has been trivial the rare time I’ve needed to use it.

Part of my day job is developing a C++/Python framework for implementing large-scale CUDA simulations: GitHub - FLAMEGPU/FLAMEGPU2: FLAME GPU 2


Currently reanimating counterstrike: source and I’d like to port the animations over to s&box, need to figure out if it’s worth keeping the css hand mesh for finding a way to have terry hands or maybe rust hand mesh?



I did it.


So many memories on that map, I still have a video of my friend and I playing with his first Lua script ever that spawned zombies in waves at the rave place, had old meme songs playing while we shot them with the CS weapons we had in GM11.


Here is an update of another track I am working on porting. I am doing this one first as it is the least complicated out of all the Wipeout Pulse maps. I hope to add animated billboards and higher-quality trees as well now.


I am working on a Deathmatch map called “dm_concrete”
I’ve worked hard on it, and it is nearly done !

And when this map will be 100% done, i’ll work on a map that i started this morning

(Don’t mind the lighting and stuff, i just put an environnement light for testing
It is gonna be a big mansion and this place you’re seeing is the middle of it !


I’ve been messing around with things that I might want to try in S&box since EA has been said to be on the way. So I started messing around in Unity to create some boats that act as RTS units since I wanted more practice with C#.

The boats can move, follow, and predictively intercept other boats. Really simple, but still fun to make.


Started work on Construct/Flatgrass area of my attempt on remaking gm_mobenix as I said. My concern is that scale may be a little of, because in SteamVR there is only CameraFlying Mode when opening map on flatscreen mode :unamused:. Also there are lighting problems, probably because I have only 512 lightmap resolution, because it just takes so much time. Hope you like it so far.



I created my account on this forum about an hour ago and I’m impressed with how much you all are doing, even though S&Box is still not available to most of us.

I’m not doing much at the moment (in keeping with the main topic of this thread), other than browsing through all your projects (game related or not). And my goodness, what a community! I have a feeling it will be fun to join you on this journey :slight_smile:

I eagerly look forward to seeing what everyone has to show in the coming weeks :blush:


This looks dope I actually would love to see something I’m look forward to seeing


Why does that name sound so familiar :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t know haha, it’s just a random name because i didn’t knew how to name it and i was like “hey there’s a lot of concrete here” lol







This is just a proof of concept, I don’t know how to use any 3D modelling program but I am good a photoshop.

Bonus transformation gif


I can make this happen. But if I do make this, I want this to be ported into S&Box. As far as I’m aware of, there’s like only 5 people who’ve gained access to the game. So if I make this, we’ll need to see who we can talk to to get this into the game.