S&box WAYWO July 2021

No one created it so here you go. Post everything you are working on here.


So for this month along with working on my Murder gamemode GitHub - TylerJaacks/murderbox: Murderbox is a port of Murder from Gmod for S&Box I am working on a SDK GitHub - TylerJaacks/murderbox-sdk: The SDK for the S&Box gamemode. for mappers to build maps for my gamemode and maybe in the future for addons for this gamemode right now it is barebones and includes basic models, textures, and materials from CSS ported to Source 2 for mappers to recreated iconic Murder maps. Right now I am just trying to finish up the gamemode. I’m currently looking for asset creators to start making content for my gamemode if your interested please contact me on GitHub, create a pull request, or contact me on this forum and I can get you going. If you want to help on the gamemode then that help is more than welcome just submit a pull request on the sdk or the gamemode. Currently I don’t have anything to show other than code but when/if I get a code I be making regular posts on this thread [WIP] Murderbox remake of Murder for Garry's Mod in S&Box about the progress.

Thanks and have fun S&Boxing


So I just start a new project as take a small break from my Murderbox project to build a Lua Layer to C# [WIP] S&Box Lua Layer - SandboxLua the goal is to for people to either add lua scripting to there addon or for people to use lua to make an addon.