S&box WAYWO June 2021


damn, this looks smexy!


Since then I changed my mind with the color lookup tables in the post processing, also might have fixed cubemaps (not sure yet)


looks even better to me. this reminds me that I have to mess around with post-processing myself.


I am working on a Murder remake in S&Box and I am also looking for people to help on the project it is open source under the Apache license GitHub - TylerJaacks/murderbox: Murderbox is a port of Murder from Gmod for S&Box. Message me if your interested in helping.


Oh, please. Make it real

is that the tranzit bus depot?

not exactly i just liked the style of the building and plus curves :D.

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Damn, some of you are insanely talented. It’s very cool to see what a competent artist can do with S2’s tools.

I have nothing interesting to show, but I’ve spent more time on my Lua compat layer. Made some decent progress on the VM, string library, and caching compiled bytecode since the compiler is extremely slow. I’ve started shoveling code from Facepunch’s garrysmod repo into it, since that seems like the obvious next step.

;o I like the look of that map very cool!

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Could u share the github link I am very much interested in this project.

I might take another break from it for a few days. I need to implement metamethods and in order to do that I need to refactor the way calls work.

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Everything about this looks great.
Except for the name…it’s cursed :fearful: