S&box WAYWO May 2021

I’m not! Will be sure to check this out. Thanks :grinning:

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I’m still working on the RP_SlavSchool project. Currently filling up the classrooms and adding more details. Soon, I’ll expand the map with a new “stadium” at the outside area of the map.

Here’s the dedicated thread that follows my progress and is made to gather feedback on changes as they happen.

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Working on poster decals, I’ll make 3 more so if you have any ideas let me know. The settings is a community college.


Me and leaf are working on a future gamemode for s&box where two teams are both in forklifts, and you have to flip each other over. Progress pic for the first map for it :grin:


if the hallways look to big then yes, they are. its because forklifts are big, and so are third person cameras for forklifts lol


You’ve finally revealed your true colors… A froklift…

Nice map! Is there any significance to the red, blue and green lighting, or are they just there aesthetically? It’d be cool for navigation’s sake for different areas to have different colors so players can have a good sense of where they are on the map based on that.


That actually sounds really fun. The forklifts better make beeping sounds when they back up.


Yeah, so when I was using ms paint to draw the map out i did low areas as red, green areas as the middle and blue as the top. It sort of stuck and now you know where you are in the map based on color :slightly_smiling_face:

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Working on a boat. :slight_smile:

Don’t mind the zombies everywhere. I’m terrible at scaling properly, so I have to spam them everywhere.


the house has come a long way got a 2nd floor up and a basement

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making progress on my “small” map

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Two things:

Mage Arena is a gamemode I have been planning for a few months now. It is planned to be a 2.5D (2D logic, 3D rendering) artillery game. Think of Worms or Arcanists. Terrain is randomly generated and can be destroyed. 4-8 players are spawned on a map. You use spells to fight each other. Spell books can be customized, giving lots of variety to combat among rounds.
I actually need developers and modellers for this gamemode. If anyone is interested feel free to get a hold of me.

s&box community is a blog I’ve started up dedicated to content surrounding s&box, Facepunch, and any topics that may pertain to it. It is currently still in very early stages, but the blog is live at https://sboxcommunity.com
Content will include news, tutorials/guides for Source2 and s&box, and community spotlights, showing off cool creations from the community. If you have any news or wanted to have your work spotlighted, feel free to contact me!

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ouf ouch my fingers
heres current progress now

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What will it be for?

Working on a few maps and a new gamemode!
I’m going to be showing off the gamemode as soon as I can!



One old project that I’m still working on, and a brand new one as well!
I’ve been working on improving the Non-Euclidean project I was talking about last month. Here’s a couple progress photos.

I’ve also now been working on a Unity Project to test out some ideas for stuff in S&Box. I’ve been working on a wallrunning system, here’s a video


Dude this is awesome! I’m so excited for the creativity I already see in the community! Can’t wait to get my key(in 1 million years lol) and start my own dev work.

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Yo, this looks fucking awesome!

Can this be imported into s&box?

yea, but there isnt any textures on the models really and idk if the hand mesh can be used in game so it will probably have to be heavily modified to be put in game for any official releases