S-low Terminator Salvation Models and Silent hill Bubble head Nurse Models

can someone upload/Reupload the silent hill bubble head nurse model and the Terminator Salvation Models and gmgregcter please don’t

The Terminator model is located somewhere in one of the packs listed here. As for the Bubblehead Nurse model, the only thing I found that even comes close to it is in this pack here, but with a different head.

Now do everyone a favor and stop going to dead threads and posting in them because of something you want. If you want something, do just like you did with this thread and make a new one for any future requests (don’t make multiple threads of the same request though).

And for future reference, don’t make comments like this

because they are completely irrelevant to the thread, even if you are the one who started it.

I did find the SH5 Nurse with the deformed head of course, but the download was deleted. So you’re better off asking Urbanator if he has the model still.

http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=100&sid=51f7d83603fcc7785317520b2adf49c6 = T600
http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=449&sid=51f7d83603fcc7785317520b2adf49c6 = T800

ok ill ask himm thanks anyway gmgregster

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actually wait no you ask him to give me a copy of the bubble head nurse

Are you a mentally handicapped person?

Why can’t you ask him yourself?

cause i dont know him and please can you ask him to give me a copy of the bubble head nurse

This isn’t “trying to talk to that girl on the other side of the kindergarten” you just pm him and ask him nicely to reupload the model.

send me a link to him

I revise my earlier question.

Go to the upper part of the forum page, below the title of the thread you can see six different options.
Choose “Search”.

In the search page write Urbanator to the “search user” column under the “Search for” title, click search.

Congrats special one, you have found Urbanator.

Do you want me to instruct you how to write a personal message?

I feel special in this thread.
I don’t have the model, or at least not at the moment. It’s most likely on my external harddrive and I don’t have access to that right now. When I get ahold of it, I’ll see if I have the model.
Unless if someone else has it.