S-Props base implementation?

Likely this has been discussed before, but has Gary ever approached an addons creator to ask for permission to implement it into the core game as default? I was under the impression that some of the props in Gmod were originally addons for older versions (I remember watching a Gmod 9/10 video in which the guy said "Oh and you’ll have to get the prop pack by someone, referring to the metal plates I’ve always been familiar with in Gmod13). Anyway, the main reason I bring this up is because I cannot comprehend why something such as S-props hasn’t been added to core Gmod. I’ve seen many times people on this forum say that building is dead, then perhaps the building community could benefit from something like this? Being able to add small, intricate detail to their creations. And no I’m not the creator of S-props trying to promote their work, I just think that it, or something very similar, should be implemented by default.

The creator of SProps really doesn’t want it to be Vanilla. Not sure if her opinion has changed at all, but yeah.

Thanks for info :smile:

I still think something similar should be implemented into vanilla. I know allot of people will say “why not just add it to your servers downloads?” etc., but the issue with that is sometimes you just want to create a structure and know it’s in some way… official. That there won’t be any dependency issues for others, you can use it anywhere.

Something similar has been implemented. It’s called PHX. And as far as I’m concerned that’s the way it should stay.