S&rp - unique roleplay gamemode

Hi everyone,

Today I want to release some information on what me and my team are working on.


s&rp also known as sandrp, Is a upcoming unique roleplay gamemode for s&box.

The goal of the gamemode is to provide a semi-serious roleplay environment while still taking in good aspects of DarkRP, PoliceRP, CityRP etc.

Gamemode Features

  • Custom weapon base with attachments that you can buy from a NPC store
  • Inventory system - Store your purchased weapons and attachments here.
  • Mining system - Mine for materials, melt them down and sell them, or forge weapons.
  • Gunsmith - Craft specials weapons with materials found around the world and with materials from the miners.
  • Gundealer - Instead of just spawning guns, The gun dealer will need to import the weapons or order them. Can also sell weapons purchased in bulk from a gunsmith.
  • Blackmarket - Weapons, Drugs, etc can be sold here online. Jobs may buy these to resell but have a risk of being found out.
  • Drug creation systems - Realistic creation of drugs
  • VR Support - We plan to fully support VR
    More information can be found here

Technical details

We are building a robust backend for the gamemode currently, This backend will handle player data, game events and much more. Lots of ingame things will be accessible on the website to make things more interesting and so you can stay in touch with what’s happening in game.


blu - Lead Developer
Zeo - Developer
We are currently looking for 1 - 2 more team members, a modeler and a mapper.

Discord Server
We cant wait to get our hands on s&box and start making our vision into a reality! Please feel free to leave feedback and ideas on this thread, or in our discord server. Thanks!


Sounds cool Good luck on the gamemode!


Sounds a bit cliché anything unique? Vr isn’t really just something that will make it pop out. So found just sounds like that perp gamemode I forget the name, of it that one guy made. where you can do everything listed above other than VR. It was made buy a couple of guys and the owner was named redmist.


Yikes, Seems like this is being done quite alot. Good luck.


I agree with harry that this idea has been posted a lot

the site looks pretty good though, and it seems like you guys are excited to create it

I just hope S&box doesn’t launch with 50 different but similar rp gamemodes

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Our goal is to provide something unique and quality, me and zeo have lots of things brewing up that we want to incorporate into the gamemode, but we want to wait until we have something to show for it :slight_smile:

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good luck

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All I can say is good luck :confused:
I personally think there are too many rp gamemodes that people are working on, I’d prefer to have more stuff being made on launch than 12 roleplay gamemodes.

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What makes this unique from gmod RP?
It’s still fundamentally the same old shit, this time with more depth and better assets.


I have almost the same opinion like tom but i still say: Good luck :slight_smile:

This is literally just a guy saying hes making a CUSTOM DarkRP server lol


Okay guys, we’re now at 10 RP gamemode planned lol

Update - We now have a modeler on the team!

We will be posting updates on the content here and in our discord :slight_smile:

Sounds like the current state of Garry’s Mod, which means we’re headed in the right direction :sunglasses:


i would love to help work on this since its close to a idea i had in my head for a while of a rp type gamemode if you want details on what ive been thinking you can dm me {toby}#2003

In my opinion, your gamemode does the work of addons, and does not provide a base of rp

I never said it was a base? it’s staying closed source

there will be a character creator