S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomalies

Before I say anything, anomalies are possible to create since Lpine was able to do some larger variations before.

To those that have never played the STALKER series, anomalies are formations of energy that are sprung just like traps. So if you walk into one a certain thing happens to you which undoubtedly causes damage.

Here’s a video demonstrating one such anomaly:

A webpage that describes a few more:


I can’t go into specific detail, although all I want is the “Vortex” anomaly which I believe is in the video posted above. It doesn’t need to literally pop the person when triggering it, all I ask for is that it twirls the person around at break-neck speed and kills them. If a kind scripter wants to do more I’m all for it. Thanks to anyone that can at least try.