S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Yanov Station replica.

Recently I have been trying to recreate Yanov station from stalker: CoP. I have been trying to keep faithful to the game’s version while also improving some details to make it resemble the real Yanov station even more. Future additions will include things like lobby radiators and wall tiles “as the real life counterpart has” as well as completely new brick textures for the exterior.
What’s been done to get the scale of the building was taking note of the player’s view height, using the tile floor as a rough grid and taking about 170 screenshots of different features.

I wanted to have all of the station’s dimentions scaled correctly, and my biggest problem has been keeping to scale inside the station without minor discrepancies in heights & thicknesses. So I have been stuck in places like the Ticket booth, main lobby and especially wall thicknesses.

The current state is very close to scale, but I noticed somethings not matching up, some things would match up perfectly while some features would clash, there is always a hint of doubt while making a section of the station.
If anyone has ideas as how to handle scaling I would be very grateful! One idea was to port the basic walls and doorways into source as models. They would need no textures, collision’s or any details as they could be used as a template to accurately depict the station. I don’t wish to overcomplicate this, but thoughts and feedback would be very helpful!

This is what I call humble beginings. The station would be a great set for SFM stalker movies which are slowly coming to, but I plan to expand it to a fullblown stalker map. It would be a more realistic looking station yard/railline and Included would be the regular locations such as the scientist bunker and cooling tower, but also have new locations such as the nearby Yanov storage yard and Novoshepelychi station.

For recreating something like STALKER architecture I think it might be better to port certain aspects of it over as models instead of recreating them as a brush. I’m not really experienced in this but those are my two cents.

I’ll keep an eye on this project, it’s been a long time since someone decided to make a good stalker map!

Sounds good to me, thanks for the feedback! I’ll see what can be done and I will have to plan out what should be included. I will say that Yanov probably won’t happen, source’s grid size is embarrassing. So I am probably going to come up with something completely different **EDIT: scratch that, I found out that if yanovs railline runs from corner to corner of the map instead of side to side it WILL fit. **. In fact there may need to be a new thread someday to discuss what theme would work best, Ideas are welcome!

i recommend using “demo_record 1” command in-game or getting the map file open in a modelling program for easy reference. thats how i made my bar recreation and apartment building from stalker

although ive forgot most of the stuff that i did to get my stuff going i think i can still assist you with your project should you need help.

theres never enough stalker maps.

Thank you! Some assistance in the future may be needed, it’s hard for me to decide where to start. I am currently thinking about map layout and what locations to include in the map.

I’ll give you some pointers that I’ve sort of learned along the way, I mainly do large open maps so I think I know at least a little.

  1. These maps take time, so start with the most important things. When the deadline draws near, you won’t feel like the map is incomplete and/or unplayable.

  2. Keep locations with a high poly/texture budget out of viewing distance of each other. I have Z clip plane that clips everything at about 8000 units, so I keep large locations a little over 8000 units away from each other.

  3. Physics kill everything. Seriously, do not “decorate” a map with physics props unless they are vital to game play.

  4. For terrain, use larger brushes that have a displacement power of 4. Yes, displacements with 4 subdivisions cause crashing due to a compression of collision data. To stop the crashing that occurs in-game with these displacements, use this command under your vbsp compiler “-novirtualmesh mapname”. All of this effort is for the sake of using less brushes on terrain, and more on buildings and locations.

  5. Use this god sent thing called Propper. In short, you can compile brush creations into a model quickly and easily. This is great for turning small brush details into models that you can fade out. Plus, you can make more buildings with all those brushes that you never used!

  6. If you would like to get more meticulous with lighting. The Valve Batch Compiler Tool can offer some ways to compress your lightmaps to save on map file size, thus having some room to up the luxel density in certain areas.

If you follow 1-5 or 1-6, you’ll have people wondering how you crammed so much shit in one map and how well your map runs.

That info will help big time, Thank you! Layout will be discussed some time along with locations such as industries, villages, raillines, etc.

How’s this map coming along? I’m always interested in maps with this type of theme. Yanov was my favorite part of c.o.p. so this wip has piqued my interest.

I AM planning to do this eventually, but I am currently helping the ‘The Royal Pilgrim II’ Project. After completion I will create a new discussion thread and get a plan going. Sorry I was all silent here!

I hate to bump old threads but I’m told that ‘The Royal Pilgrim II’ isn’t likely at this point. Though being dismayed and having a big creative block I might be coming back to this s.t.a.l.k.e.r. idea.