S.T.A.L.K.E.R. + HL2 Citizen Model Merge

I want this as a player model.

Okay, so basically I want to merge this guy: models/Humans/Group01/male_08.mdl

With this: models/stalker_bandit_veteran.mdl

I want the citizen’s head to replace the STALKER’s head. I don’t want the hood or the ski mask to be there, either.
Or, in other words, a headhack.

This might be useful (I used the brown clothed bandit): STALKER Models

-No headgear
-Light Brown trenchcoat
-Brown sweater
-Dark Brown khakis
-Combat boots
-Fingerless gloves

Thanks. :smiley:


What, no one? This looks like an easy job.

Inflator tool.

…What about it.

Please keep posts relevant.

Use it.

I want this as a player model, not a ragdoll pose.

Then state it, you didn’t say that.

Ah. Sorry. This is my first model request… So yeah.

Edited the first post. It turns out that putting the head of one model onto another is called “headhack.”

Yes, I know nothing about modeling. Now please do me this favor.

Yeeahhh… No.

That stalker model looks like he just went for a swim in a pool of oil.

IMO people put in phong not really knowing what it is making the compile look like shit.

Yeah the phong looks pretty fucked on it.

Yes, yes, he looks like he’s covered in lube.

Now can anyone do this simple headhack?