S.T.A.L.K.E.R mapping?

Hi Facepunch.

I would really like to map for Stalker SoC,or CS.
So if someone could please link me to a working sdk.
And another thing,i looked at some tutorials and it seems you need maya.
Is this true?Does it cost anything?Can you link me to that too?
Thanks in advance.

This is obviously a SOURCE mapping area.
I suspect your a troll.

F*** you too:)Okay then sorry but i thought it was a general mapping area.
Where do i go then?

Oh so intimidating with a censored fuck finished off with a :slight_smile: You can swear here…

Also I believe STALKER maps are made in a modelling program such as 3DS Max. It seems a weird way to do it, but that’s all I can remember from their modding wiki.

Did you even read the rules?

Do you even know what GMod is?

I suggest you find some forums dedicated to STALKER and ask there.


Wow, I don’t recall facepunch being to strict on this matter.

Is that what that is?

Thanks buddy.

It’s not the .BSP format and it doesn’t use the hammer editor, this is not the place for it, since nobody here is going to be using maya to make levels for source.

Unless they wanted to map for Zeno Clash.

How many people do you see here mapping for zeno clash?