S.T.A.L.K.E.R. posing for the camera in front of a wrecked helicopter


now that’s grainy

The grain looks different from the grain on the original background and the background is far more desaturated than the character.

I made a new version. I think it’s better now.

still,it’s stalker-ish

I like how you used the hunter model.

Looks really nice :smiley: Deservers more than just 5 posts.

And may I ask, where you guys get the gasmask model seperatly?

You should make the shadows around the character less black, because in the original image you cant see much black, the darker parts of it are grey.

Nah I know, I wanted to make the guy more visible by adding a little depth.

And the gasmask model is from bloocobalt’s CoD5 pack (not released yet).


The gaskmask should be more set back into the hood, because it kinda looks like he has a really long alien head.

There has been a huge influx of STALKER related poses lately. Nice work!

Hey, it’s Tchernobyl! ;D

Chernobyl :eng101:

Bwah, French spelling, sorry.

Incredible, it blends very well!


I think his legs are too bent.

Stalker like indeed, But he tends to get out of the picture to much. Good work though!

What map is that?