S.T.A.L.K.E.R. reloads while he defends his campsite

Never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. so I wouldn’t know if this has canon to the game. But yeah, this was a quick pose. Liking these models though :smiley:


V2 includes: gun smoke, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-ish filter, and gasmask has black tint on the goggles


C&C would be cool

(And I know Hunterdnc just posted one some-what similar to mine)

I like the overall feeling of the picture, and the colours probably fit the setting for Fallout 3 but sadly not really for Stalker. Though, leaving that out, This looks nice. It’s a nice camera angle, good Dof. The posing is cool aswell. The only thing I would change, if possible, for you, in Photoshop, is make the uniform or outfit more dirty and older . It’s to clean :slight_smile:

Nevermore, Nice picture ! Artistic.

Nice, I like !
Where can i get the model ?

Stalker has a more green/grey tone towards its settings, but yeah, I like the pose otherwise. My only small problems are the facts that his left pinky is clipping through the magazine, and I’m fairly sure, to load a magazine into that sort of system, you rock the front of it first and then the back end. Just mild things that I could be wrong about myself.



I’ll do a V2 of the screenshot later (with edits and what-not), I’m working on a quick skin.

Thanks !

No problemo man :slight_smile:

V2 is now in the OP

I think it would be better with fog

lol I’m actually installing stalker right now

Resize his gun 'cause it’s waaay too big.

Nice angle there mate, the posing is quite nice too.

Magazine goes in from the opposite angle. For an AK type weapon, the front of the magazine goes into the magwell first.

I wonder whos model that is because it’s badass. :smug:

i wonder?

I’ll rate myself bad spelling.

Got the stalker feel alright… and it looks nice.

Thanks everyone! Maybe I’ll do more Stalker poses then :smug:

In my opion, the original is better.

Happy new year! I made an edit:


Looks good man!


Happy New Year Everyone! It’s still 9:21PM in California, but might as well say it anyways.