S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Reworked Models [SFM, Gmod]

I’ve started reworking models from STALKER games, and first faction to get reworked are bandits. Featuring multiple faces and trench coat variations via skingroups, various bodygroups such as gasmasks, headwear, gear, pants. Uses L4D2 flexes. I’ll be updating this page once in a while.

Additional image by SuperCat

Those look FANTASTIC!!! 10/10 IGN

Damn nice work, man! I’m looking forward to seeing more if you do any more.

Great work friend! Cheeki breeki


When it comes time to make the Sunrise suits and such, will you remove the elephant’s feet and give them something normal and more sensible?

Ninja Nub has made a good sunrise suit pack, so i’m not sure. But there’s a high chance that i will re-do it anyway when i’ll be working on duty and freeds.

hello friend
do you want access to all the stalker shit i did up
it would probably be handy

Hey, that would be really cool, i appreciate the help!

I made this with 22 shots of whiskey in me so forgive me for the crappy quality. But rework or not Auditor great work with these models.
Critique is always helpful regardless!