S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RolePlay

Yep. Decided to release my current version.

Check http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=323578
for most of the info about it.

Also, quick overview of commands.

/newchannel <name> - Creates a new radio channel.
/joinchannel <name> - Join an existing channel.
/pm <name> <message> - Send a player with <name> in their name a message.
/maketrader <password> - Make a trader.
/buy <itemname> - Buys an item. Hit use on a trader for a list of all item names.
/sell - Sells currently selected item. Inventory now has a button for it.
/drop <amt> - Drops <amt> RU, if you have enough.
/join <faction> - Join a faction. Factions you can join are: bandits, loners, military.
/job <name> - Sets up a RP job. Does nothing though.

Also, a few notes.

To server hosters!

Change your trader password!

Open up the chatcommands.lua file with Notepad, Wordpad, or Notepad++ (recommended) and go to

line 24

. Change the


to a new



still within the quotes

, such as



If there’s any bugs or anything let me know.




Old version(s):


(If image doesn’t show up for you)

New in v1.1

[Add] Artifacts drop 10 seconds after server is put up.
[Add] Blowout now also deals massive radiation to anyone stuck outside.
[Add] The buy codes for the Deagle and the p228 (I had the guns made but forgot to add them to the buy list).

For the whiners that whine about:

Blowout times: Go to this line in init.lua (open with Notepad or Notepad++).



Change these two numbers to whatever you want. It’s in seconds, so the 60,300 is choose between 60 and 300 seconds, or 1 to 5 minutes.

[lua]ShakeDel = {60,300}[/lua]

Day/light and rooms: Suck it up. I can’t fix it.

Yay, it’s out. I have been waiting for something like this for ages.

Fucking Awesome.

Stalker is so great to roleplay with :D. I’m going to have endless fun with this. Great job!

How do you combine stuff?


Now, please include a readme. =)

This is pure win.

Want Winnahs?

Oh my god sex.

Oh right.

Use stalker_combine ak47 in console to combine.

You need a box of metals, magazine components, and a gun stock.

I never got around to designing that HUD, so forgive me.

You know I’ve played this gamemode a few minutes and I think it’s a bit annoying considering the frequent blowouts, and the massive amounts of light, and darkness (I was in a completely lit room and I couldn’t see shit) so there’s some points to improve on.

Increase blowout time.

I can’t fix the room and brightness things. I had it so if you were in a room it turned off, but then if you looked out it would look normal, and when you step out it’d suddenly brighten/darken.

So, in the almighty words of someone: You’ll live.


Update v1.1 Released

I’m going to host this on temporary fun for awhile!

I’ll give you a rating later on - I don’t want to judge this too quickly.

Um, is 1.1 SUPPOST to lag like there is no tomarrow? I looked at the console and every millisecond it’s doing something with the anomeilys. (however you spell them…) It’s something with the artifact spawning script it looks like. What ever it is doing, it’s doing ALOT of it killing my frame rates.

Edit Found the function that is doing it…

function DropArtifact(class,recall)
	local dims = ReturnMapDimensions()
	local ranx = math.random(-dims[1],dims[1])
	local rany = math.random(-dims[2],dims[2])
	local zpos = dims[3]
	local art = ents.Create(class)
	local pos = Vector(ranx,rany,zpos-10)
	local tr = RangedTracePos(pos,Vector(0,0,-1),10000)
	if not tr.Hit then
		recall = recall+1
		print("Artifact '"..class.."' retry: "..recall)
		print("Artifact '"..class.."' found resting place after "..recall.." retries.")
		local all = ents.FindByClass(class)
		for i=1,table.getn(ArtInf) do
			if ArtInf*.Class == class then
				if table.getn(all) >= ArtInf*.Drops then
					print("All of '"..class.."' have been dropped.")

The stuff that spams my console is from the line “print(“Artifact '”…class…”’ retry: “…recall)” I’m investigating this… I think it’s the Timer.Simple one. You set the retry to 0.2 seconds, so it kept retrying and retrying…


I have run into problems without actually entering the game.

I opened up my dedicated server with the game mode and it seemed to be running fine, but when I checked out the “servers list” I saw that the game mode it was using was sandbox and not actually Stalker.

I thought it would be an easy fix - I moved sandbox to another folder which then made the server become base then I moved base and it became just plain out Garry’s Mod.

Perhaps something is wrong with it to make it do this, because I did read the info and it shouldn’t be saying any of it, it should be saying “S.T.A.L.K.E.R RolePlay”

Updates after I play (or try to play) the game mode.

I tested this and it wasn’t really what I was expecting, not as fun as I would have hoped to be honest. (But I guess after playing on the mine-dog the expectations are quite high considering how fun that was) I hope to see more updates!

Just a question, is there any area talk built into this? I find it to be an annoyance when one person is trying to RP but end up seeing other persons conversations and accidentally answer it therefore screwing things up a tad - if you need to see what i’m talking about get LightRP and do RP_ALLTALK 0 in console.

I love you as much as it is possible without being gay. :smiley:

You’re going to screw up the scripts if you mess with that.

It’s intentional to let you know if your map dimensions are screwed.

The messages will stop when everything is dropped. Give it about a minute and, unless your map is screwed up, they will stop. Also, your computer sucks if a few messages lag you. You probably cannot support this gamemode.

Part 1.) Actually roleplay with it. I find no roleplay fun. At all. I just do this because I used to love roleplaying. Play this on rp_cscdesert_v2-1, get a few buddies together, and go artifact hunting or explore the bases.

Part 2.) I’m still working on the chat functions.

Why bother making a game if you aren’t enthusiastic about it enough to even play it? :confused:

Don’t ask me. People wanted it and it sounded like fun, so I did it. :v:

You should add a combine button in the inventory, and be able to select more than one thing by holding down shift or something. Just for the sake of not pressing ~ and typing something :v:

Great mod I’ve messed with it a little and so far I’m loving in it!

but is there a way to add some of the tools back in? Thanks ahead of time!