S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP Weapons on M9K Base


congrats on doing nothing

Well. Do you think it isn’t my code ? Rly?
Or it’s a “well-planned” trolling?lol.

Thanks for decorating M9K weapons

Oh please not another one of these threads, it gives me aids.

Decorating? Taking base isn’t taking weapon code. Isn’t it?
One thing is just to change model and an other thing is to re-make most of charachteristics of the weapon. Although you have your opinion and im not going to talk about this anymore.

Make it with original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. viewmodel hands and it will be something.

What he is trying to say is, thanks for putting jewelry on a pile of shit.

Nothing on the M9K base will be “something”.


thanks for the models

The models arent even that great.

I mean, he could atleast have ported the original models. But i think thats too hard for him.

Top model is too shiny / new and the top two look too low res.

Other than that I may as well contribute in saying that all you did was take packs off another website and post them here / to workshop.

P.s. Energy in = Energy Out

>Do you think it isn’t my code ?
Your thread says this:
Darsenvall - Coding weapons

Yep. I have coded these weapons and wondered if he thought that i stole this code.
What’s wrong?

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Again you…
So,where did i “steal” the code of weapons?Can you give me link?
Taking base isn’t stealing code.
As I said im not going to talk with guys like you. You are just trying to troll.

Well if you think I’m a troll then you need to browse around this section a little more. Plus all my criticism towards you has been “constructive” if you believe in that.

Your credits should be more clear if you did make these. So far all I see in all your credits is TnB which leads everyone to think you took it off there but now that I look again those are the most clear of the credits; If you coded this then put your name (/and alias) beside the “coded weapons” part and credit M9K at the bottom for providing the base.

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Has anyone actually downloaded this to tell us how it is? P.s. how many weapons are in the pack?

deriving from a base isn’t stealing guys, but i still did the coding i swear

42 weapons are in the pack.

I have downloaded models from TnB Community forums,but i coded the weapons and it is marked.
“Credits :
Owner of M9K Weapons - Weapon base
Darsenvall - Coding weapons
TnB & other communities - Models”

I just want you to know where did i get these models and weapon base,that’s why i marked TnB and M9K owner.

If you think that i stole the code from TnB Community - go and find this code.Gl.

m9k base

its like you want to fail

shittily textured/shadered/animated/modelled weapons on a shitty base? ohboy sign me up!!!