S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SHOC Skins

I recently saw this:


And i really want the skins.

He says they came from the

But i cant find it anywhere. Could somone else find them, or upload it if you have it?

A quick search on garrysmod.org would have popped up the bloodsucker, exo’s and snork along with some props from STALKER. As far as the other models…check FPSbanana but the website wouldn’t load for me right now. They’re definitely out there. If not then I can upload what I have for you.

Alright thanks. I could probably find everything you dont have on my own. Thank you.

Lemme know if you want them! I just looked and I have the bandits, bloodsucker, props, helicopter, lr-300 rifle, other weapons, artifacts (I think), (I don’t know if I have the exo’s), I got the biosuit, all factions with gasmask, all bandits, controller, snork, etc. Let me know like I said