S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Skins with custom suit textures.

Hello guys, im looking for someone who can help me with good poseable stalker models with custom suit textures.

you can find alot of this stuff on internet - but still its only mods for stalker game series -

for me, its look really cool and more “realistic” than “clone wars” in vanilla game -
when im looking for stalker models like this - i found one on steam workshop by Ninja Nub and -:RX:- Deadi

thats really good work - models looks fantastic and can be poseable but:

the textures don’t make much difference, there are only 4 models, used crosswise, very few textures and some of them are bugged - and…

i got really weird bug with eyes, idk why.

most of stalker models - got the same models, textures and got the same details

i guess its not too hard work to do - textures ar really the same like in stalker game and in gmod - only model porting from stalker to gmod is hard and still im not too good in that…

here you got some more stalker models with new camouflages - if some1 can make more models:

all screenshots are from:
~ gmod
~ and standalone stalker modification “Call of Chernobyl” (i can give you link on pw if u want to play too :slight_smile: mod in eng)

and pls - NO TnB stalker playermodels - i used it only to watch this textures -
looks really… ._. fantasy animu or something… i dont want to use it really.

and sorry for my bad english, i need to study a bit more.

Porting ragdolls from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to GMod is pretty easy, the hardest part would be the collision mesh. the XRay engine uses the visible mesh as collision mesh, the Source engine has a seperate invisible mesh for collisions. You can use the visible mesh as collision mesh, but I highly advice against doing that. It could/would lag the hell out of your game.
To get models and textures from any S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, you need to extract them from the game’s database. I can’t find the place where I got my database extractor, but google a bit and you should find one that lets you view the content of the database and select which files you want extracted.
The other thing you’ll need is a ogf converter. Ogf is the file format of every model in the XRay engine. I highly recommend you this package http://www.gameru.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=33123 because it has a converter to smd and it works for models from all 3 games. Download it, go to MESHTOOL/CONSOLE, and write a batch file with the following content:

and replace thenameofyourmodelhere with the name of the ogf file. Now drag the ogf file in the MESHTOOL/CONSOLE and run the batch file. It should create a new folder with the content of the ogf file in one or multiple smd files. The only one you’ll need is the reference one. Now all you need now is a collision mesh and a qc file and you can compile it to Source. You can find plenty of tutorials for that online.
Now to the textures. You’ll propably have multiplr textures in .dds format. To find out which textures are needed by the model, open the smd in a 3d editor or any text editor and search the names of the texture files. Going back to the database extractor, you’ll notice that there are almost always 3 files with that name in it, texturename.dds, texturename_bump.dds and texturename_bump#.dds. The one called texturename.dds is the diffuse texture, _bump is a XRay normal map and _bump# is (afaik) a heighmap. You can ignore _bump#. I have no idea what the alpha channel of the diffuse maps in ShoC is supposed to be, but the red channel of bump is the specular map, green is blue, alpha is green and blue is red. Good luck at switching channels around.
To get the dds files in a format Source can understand, download VTFEdit, open them in it and save them as vtf files. Setup a proper vmt file and that’s it texture-wise. Google how to compile a model, put the vtf and vmt files in the proper folder and you’re ready to go.
Skins you download online are in .dds format, so switch channels for bump, convert to vtf, write a vmt and put them in the right folder.
That should be it really.

tl;dr it’s easy and you could do most of it yourself without a problem, hardest part would be collision mesh and a good qc. I’m not interested in custom skins right now, but maybe someone else who has more interest/time than me.

I am sorry for any problems that might occur while reading this, I wrote it in a dark room on my phone.

thanks for info, i will try to do something with it :slight_smile:

I can try to help you if you want me to, but I’m a bit busy with rl right now.