S.T.A.L.K.E.R sniping from an abandoned building



Cliping, cliping and more cliping.

The fillters is going through the gun, the scope through the goggle part of the mask and his sleave through the guns mag.

Looking at the front page, you’d think Call of Pripyat had just been released or something.


That rifle looks tiny.

It’s alirght, a bunch of clipping though, like Muffin said.

I think that’s the Mosin-Nagant from Red Orchestra. Looks a lot like it.

It’s pretty bad tbh.
The clipping is everywhere. This looks very half-assed.

Well, I didn’t see the clipping on the filter, but there is no other clipping, I promise, not on the scope, not on the sleeve.

The scope is too close to the eye regardless.

looks like the scope pierced his head due to the recoil