Hi.i was just wondereing is there any good stalker models/ out there in the internet?

No offence but it literately took me ten seconds to search for this on garrysmod.org.

i know i didn’t exactly mean npc’s…like models/ragdolls/sweps etc etc

If you get the npcs you get the ragdolls as well.
And like he said, just typing STALKER into garrysmod.org lists stuff you are looking for.

now…i feel stupid -.-

Well you can use the models from the npc pack (as in, without having to spawn and kill them) if you look in their folder from the Q menu. But I’m assuming you want more than that though. What about these?



Various artifacts

They’re the best looking ones I could find. Hope they help.

thanks that was exactly many of the things i was looking for!

This has most of the content ever ported from S.T.A.L.K.E.R - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KO4S95UO

I apologize for the megaupload link but that’s the only one out there.

Also, there IS a requests section, you know.

Is there any good Killing Floor skins that don’t replace people?