S.T.A.L.K.E.R's looking around


Fixed the clipping
Green tint by request, I dunno:



HOLY! Those models are badass, I wonder whos those belong too. :smug:

His arm is going through the mag. :byodood:

Rated you bad reading.

Colours and contrasts are really S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Like. Maybe do a green tint version aswell? I’ve played stalker, and I say this quite resembles the game ambience. Good work. I like the camera angle, and the dof aswell. Not to much, just the right amount. Posing is okay from what I can see , Okay, the magazine issue, but that can be fixed. No hard problems. I like the picture! Overall intresting. Rated artistic!


Picture has a good atmosphere, and I’m digging the lighting. The grenade launcher guy looks like he isn’t finger posed, and the middle guy’s legs look funny (that could just be me though). And the edit on the guy in the foreground’s gasmask eye pieces is really good too.

He is finger posed, and what editing >_>

I love how the guy in the background seems to be shouting or at least annoyed at the other guy.

Really? Well his right hand doesn’t look like it :\ And if they aren’t edited, they look like it.

But I digress, it still is a great picture man!

cool lightning

Why thank you :smiley:

Awesome change! That really improves the stalker feeling! Great job man.

What are those models? They look amazing.

The pose is nice and I really like the guy in the middle, were can I get him?