S T A Y (Interstellar spoilers inside)


Very excellent tribute/homage to the movie! That part was a little trippy but fascinating.

amazing as always

why is the girl so small compared to the other two?

I think it’s just the angle?

yes, this is excellently executed. I did not think anyone would be able to come close to pulling that scene off in source, but here we are.

interstellar is the best movie ever and this screenshot is amazing top knotch work norpo

I THINK there’s a green effect ring in the cap of the guy (Or it might be a logo on it?), but that’s it, i really love this one

My desktop background. Movie was utterly brilliant. By the way, where is that wall prop from?

This image actually made me go out and watch Interstellar. It’s a shame I kinda half spoiled that scene for myself, but the movie was still absolutely brilliant and your screenshot is a hell of a tribute to it. I didn’t notice the morse code spelling out “STAY” on top of the image either until now.

It may be the angle but something about the girl seems off. Other than that, fucking spot on.