S.W.A.T. 4 props + test map

A few months ago me and my friend Dachande (I am Dean, he is Dachande, we are Team D) had a plan to completely remake the second level of the game, “Fairfax Residence”, into Source. A complete remake using absolutely no Half-Life assets at all, including sounds and props which would be ported from the game. I got the models, he would map, although I don’t think it ever got that far.

The project is not entirely dead, but me having not worked on it in about a month and a half probably signifies something. I promised myself I would upload the props and assets just in case, as I spent a lot of time on it. I’m fine if you want to use these props in your map or in GMod. This zip contains a test map. It’s not the actual Fairfax residence, just a map to test how everything would work in the real map and to make sure props didn’t mess up. Most of the props have custom PHY models because that’s always fun.


It’s best to play the test map in EP2 or something so you can grab the props. Works fine in Portal/Portal 2, but for some reason the sounds don’t work in Portal 2.

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There’s this stuff too but it’s too much of a hassle to upload

Looks nice! Great work.


Lovely assets by the looks of them, I’ll surely get some use out of them, thank you for sharing…

Great, now let’s make a gamemode.

Holy shit all those props.

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SWAT 4 was the best SWAT ever, sad that they don’t make anymore

Looks good but won’t they look extremely pixelated? because of the low quality?

Thanks. It’ll be fun using these.

The game came out 2005, so they’re about the same quality as Half-Life 2’s.

I love you


Maybe this is too much to ask, but will you do the officers too?

Good job! I wish more people would use custom props. I’m sick of seeing the same destroyed cars and ugly interior furniture every time. These props sure will come in hanGET DOWN!!!

Keep it coming! looks nice! can’t wait to see something get made fullscale with models like this.

thanks, hopefully people will realise how good custom props are after seeing this

Yeah, hopefully they will.

Very nice.
Gonna download later today.