S.W.A.T. Trooper Shoots While Teamate Reloads

Just something I whipped up to apologize for damn boring dark picture I uploaded yesterday.

I wanted to add a muzzle flash to the SWAT guy there (First pic), but my editing skills suck.

C&C is appretiated.

The dead terorist guy looks abit weird. and the one shooting looks strange too but, the pose is good:smile:

Please dont kill me :ohdear:

Yeah, his leg looks a little stiff. Good work though.

The first pic gives me memories of Splinter Cell; I don’t know, the camera like that on the SWAT guy reminds me of killing Georgian militaants with the SC20K. Great job on both, bud.

Somehow I think the SWAT guy would be using a Uzi.

Posing is good though.