S&w model 327 .357

anyone would be able to do this:


Image doesn’t even work…

http://www.motivationalpostergallery.com/poster.php?is=S%26W+Model+327+357+8-Shot+Revolver.jpg ? really? >_< cuz for meh it is .-.

Really, doesn’t work for me atleast…!

Also, people won’t like you when you type like this:

>_< -.-’ kawaii!!!

And shit… for your future reference!

okay okay srry so search S&W 327 .357 motivational poster in google. it’s the easy way.

The picture is really really small, its hard to see the details on the gun.
Could you please link us to a better picture?

When I google S&W model 327 .357 I get more than a dozen of different revolver types.

well… lemme search =D

FOUND it but just in case i got 2 links…
here are they: