S&Wars: Star wars Gamemaster VS Players gamemode

Hello there. I want to share my thoughts and concepts on the development of mine with kawasaniac gamemode.

So… The S&Wars.

> Concept

Concept of this gamemode pretty close to Luna’s GVP gamemode (GMOD GVP gameplay (GameMaster perspective) - YouTube) from Garry’s Mod. We want to create gamemaster, who playing in Real-Time Strategy mode and trying to defeat players with nextbots forces and tactics. Playable factions refer to clone wars era.

> Planned content

  • At least two custom maps which will be switched after every single match.

  • Easy-to-control nextbots, which will be fully under control of gamemaster.

  • Two play modes; Defense and Assault. In Defense at player side you will have to protect command posts with shield generator, which will generate shield on your central command posts. As gamemaster you’ll have to deploy your troops and get ready to capture all of these. In Assault mode at player side you’ll be assaulting CIS defenses with heavy guns and vehicles, and as gamemaster you’ll be able to build defense structures and units. Command center will be the main objective of player side.

  • Leveling system and money system without monetization.

  • In-game gamemode configure. Units/structures cost, etc.

  • And a lot of other features!

> Our team

1138 - C# developer, mapper
kawasaniac - C# developer, modeler, mapper

We are already doing this gamemode without access to S&Box (backend; data manipulation, etc.) and cant wait to get our hands on S&box!

Feel free to leave feedback/ideas on this thread!