[S4H]|PvP|Durability Off|Slow Decay|1/2 Craft|

[S4H]|PvP|Durability Off|Slow Decay|

We have a 100 slot server that we are hoping to build a player base on. We started this server a while back to provide a home for people of all skill levels to play the game without drama and admin abuse.

Features: FPSPlayers hosted. Chicago. PVP. Vanilla. CheatPunch.

  1. The server is actively played by admins who ONLY use their privileges for policing the server.

  2. The server decay tickrate is set to 30. This allows a wooden structure more than a week before it starts to decay. We understand that life happens. There’s no need to lose your house because you couldn’t get on for a couple of days.

  3. Item durability is turned off on our server. We might make adjustments to this in the future, but for now it is turned off. Armor condition loss is still turned on.

  4. CheatPunch is and always will be on.

Look for us in the server listing or join us via (In the console): net.connect “”