sa_Echidna_Shrine - Sonic Adventure Past Level

Here is sa_echidna_shrine, my attempt to replicate part of the ‘past’ level from Sonic Adventure.

The map should work with just about anything since everything in it is custom. I’ve been able to load it up in Half-Life 2, ep2 and Left 4 Dead and everything seems to work fine.

HPAlpha and I have been working on the replication of Sonic Adventure levels for over a year now but have been set back for various reasons. This is the first tangible result we’ve managed to come up with. After importing the original model into hammer we basically build brushes and displacements around it to make the level. It is a time consuming process to be sure but I’m ultimately pleased with the result. For a more comprehensive explanation the OP in the WIP thread discusses the process in a bit more detail.

The past levels in Sonic Adventure really didn’t serve any purpose other than advancing the plot and explaining back story but I’m sure you all can come up with a better use for it. I had originally envisioned it as a sandbox map (which is primarily what I use it for) but it could potentially be used for screen shots or RP. The level is nodded; however, NPCs have trouble with the steep inclines of the stair ramps. They should be able to move around most of the areas accessible on foot from the spawn location save the pyramid stairs, (though the rest of the pyramid is nodded).

But enough of my ramblings here’s some media (Warning Image Heavy):

You can replicate scenes from the game:

And of course if a picture says a thousand words than a 1:34 minuet video running at 30/fps says… well 2,820,000 words I guess…

Those of you that were following the project will remember that I had also begun construction on the past version of the Emerald Altar. That is NOT included in this map, I really did want to get it in there but they use 2 different sky textures and I just couldn’t find a satisfactory way justifying them together. I will probably pick up the altar again; I just need a bit of a break.

Thanks to HPAlpha, (Umbreon). Without his help this project would have gotten nowhere. His uncanny ability to offer creative solutions, which I had not considered, to problems I thought unsolvable and his constructive criticism was and is a huge asset. Plus it’s always nice to have someone I can bounce ideas off of and who can provide useful feedback on early versions.

Thanks also to Glaber who was able to get the one of the trees for me. The ‘Tree of Tikal’ is the best looking one in there in my humble opinion. Perhaps we can work together on future projects.

Nicely done!
Looks really good.

Very cool, very cool. That looks like an exact replica.

Good work.

Oh hell yes, I loved this stage.

Now we just need the other Enchidnas.

Everything looks very low res.

Holy shit! That looks awesome.

It’s supposed to because it’s more of a port than the best Source map, as mentioned in his thread. Except instead of a port, it’s from scratch.

And to comment, nostalgia

Nice! Reminds me of Serious Sam for some reason…

I see that as laziness. Why port a map to a more superiour engine, and then not give it a bit of polish.

For the sake of a near-perfect port. New textures and models wouldn’t be the same.

This looks fantastic.

Awesome map my friend. Looking forward to Deathmatch here.

If you’d just showed the 1st, 2nd, 4th and the 12th pic you would get alot more hits. Very nicely done btw! Looks good.

It looks fine for a port of a port of a 1998 game.

This + HLR:Reconstructed+nostalgia= I SMELL AN AMBUSH!
I have forgot to say GREAT MAP!

Holy shit nostalgia…

Man this reminds me of that jungle level in turok 3 shadow of oblivion for N64