Sableye Pokemon Playermodel

Looking for a Sableye (from pokemon) player model (don’t care about size), willing to pay for a decent working one too.

I’ve attempted to make one myself using a rag doll as help, but I just can’t get it to work. I’ve started to get helpless. I’d rather have someone experience make it for me for some money. For more information just contact me.

EDIT: There’s no sableye model anywhere, it’s not possible, I’ve searched everywhere, the only models I’ve seen are either shitty or from old games, it’s over, the dream is over…

I’ve used this to make a playermodel, but its buggy (most likely due to me being an idiot). I don’t care if its perfect, I just want a clean one that works. Add me on steam if you want to chat @ SableWave.

I cannot believe how well done that addon is, the sableye already has an illumination map and even finger posing! The one from the original game would have been better but I’m not complaining either, also wtf is that question mark pokemon.
EDIT: Figured it out myself, pretty ingenious haha.

So what is the likelihood you can make this a playermodel? And add me on Steam if you want to talk money.

I’m already making it, but there’s a high change that if I encounter a single error I’ll give up, which hopefully won’t happen since this is as basic as it gets.

It is done, nab it before it goes bad:

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