Sabre & Macury [Dragon][video wip]

[サーベル/マーキュリー][VIDEO WIP]
Ever since Garry’s Mod came out, i’ve have seen a astounding change in how designed contraptions were. The one thing I saw that was all to common in Gmod was that Everything built was very generic. That being that what was spawned out of the advanced duplicator would fall into the category of a generic tank,mech, plane, helicopter, or car. There was only a few people I have seen who stuck out from the rest, building things * that were an art in itself*. So therefore I have become one of those builders who choose to do something other than make a tank, or helicopter and see if I could make contraptions an art form. It seems being a slight fur can help when designing a contraption.

Well for weeks I’ve been getting some tips and pointers with holos, and here is the result, two FLYABLE dragons constructed using a combination of parenting, expression 2, and simple fin physics. Leave below any suggestions on what I could add or improve on it. Believe it or not, these two could be considered wip’s still because of all the constant additions I add to it.

Saber - Dragon of Ice

[li]Eye pupils move relative to movement to head[/li][li]Mouse aimed head[/li][li]Retractable wings[/li][li]Retractable legs[/li][li]Holographic Jaw that open/closes(Not shown)[/li][li]Holo “Fire breath”[/li][li]Ichyasaur growl toned down for soundPlay lines[/li][li]Fast[/li][li]Holo Arms can move[/li][li]Under 100 PARENTED props[/li][li]Intimidating[/li][li]Detailed[/li][/ol]

Mercury - Dragon of Fire
(yes I know the photo doesn’t show the holo arms on it)

[li]Eye pupils move relative to movement to head as well[/li][li]Mouse aimed head[/li][li]Retractable wings[/li][li]Retractable legs[/li][li]Moveable HoloArms[/li][li]Holographic Jaw that open/closes(Not shown)[[/li][li]Ichyasaur growl toned down for soundPlay lines[/li][li]Faster[/li][li]Under 100 PARENTED props[/li][li]Intimidating[/li][li]Detailed[/li][/ol]

THE ANTI THEFT E2 is not meant for surefire theft prevention because I paste this and press R with nocollide tool to de-link all the parented props on the Dragon to prevent the body and head parents from saving, making the contraption unrecognizable. **

really really cool :byodood:

What the fuck


this some of that dragon anime shit…? Has it really made it into gmod… Horrible horrible. They’re like… dragons and shit…

Well, it is well made, judging by the pictures but I’m really not feeling the dragon vibe working here.
Edit: Maybe a video would do justice.

:bang: I “free-handed” these, its not based off anything.

I lol. Did you ever post that awesome bird that looked around at other players and flew and had folding wings?

I sense a new meme coming along.

I’m an artist guys, trust me.

They’re still ugly… I’ve never seen a dragon with a matte blue monobrow.

I love it. You need to record a video of them in action.

Its better than any other attempt I’ve seen.

they’re not bad…look up shadowscion’s. Gotta admit, is different.

Why did you make an E2 anti-theft device? Any n00b knows you can just open the dupe text file and get it from there. :hurr:

The anti theft is integrated into the main chip + two other movement chips. Anyway, put a delay of about 15 seconds, so that the selfDestructAll() will go off the second it finishes pasting. Therefore its almost impossible to remove the anti theft device without removing a vital component of it…The ones not on the dragon are easy precision pushed 9999 into the map. Plus alot more failsafes im not gonna divulge:3:

Where is my AA gun when I need it

Lets just be honest. It looks NOTHING like a dragon. But since dragons don’t exist, i cant say if it doesn’t look like one.

i always knew the japanese were doing weird shit with gmod somewhere


Anti theft E2 - Meaning it will selfDestructAll() and crash the user if it is not my steamID pasting it



i’m still trying to figure out who would want to steal it and how they would if it isn’t released




I’ve never seen a dragon.